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Michal Marek
Hello,   we tested HCP 7.3 as Cloud storage for HNAS 13.0 (Data Migrator). We received authentication error although we enabled what was possible to enable. Enclosed is part of HNAS diagnostic. Any idea/experiance how to solve the problem.   Thank you very much.   Michal

We are looking at an HNAS with a VSP back end.    Does anybody have any experience migrating data from a Celerra, that's accessed by both Linux and Windows users, to the HNAS?   Which tools you've used and what advice you have?   Issue we see is that EMC has two separate permissions, one for Windows and a
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John Goodman
I seem to consistently have problems with HCI and AD. Does anybody have any pointers on troubleshooting HCI with AD?   I'm currently trying to use our lab AD (Windows Server 2016 Standard) with HCI ( and can successfully add it as an Identity Provider. I've created two roles 1) Admin 2) User. I've also successfully created a Domain