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Install bug or user error?  Only watchdog starts on single node.

Discussion created by Clifford Grimm on Sep 12, 2017
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When installing HCI 1.1.4, used the published instructions on TISC.  Installing a single node instance.  The instructions say to use the command "bin/hci_setup -i".  I did this, but only the watchdog starts up and gets all kinds of errors failing to establish connections.  I looked in the environment.log file and it says "masters=0" and does have the correct address for local_ip value in the file.


Then I turned around and tried the command "bin/hci_setup -i -m" and it starts up properly.  Including the watchdog environment.log file says "masters=".


Is this a bug in the script? Or the documentation?  Or did I do something else possibly wrong.