Bjorn Andersson

Solution Cores Simplify and Accelerate IoT Co-Creation

Blog Post created by Bjorn Andersson on Nov 30, 2017

Pre-validated building blocks deliver faster time to value.

By Björn Andersson, Senior Director, Global IoT Marketing


As the digital world becomes increasingly connected, partner co-creation is providing organizations with new opportunities for rapid innovation. From improving transportation for growing population centers to reducing manufacturing errors and streamlining production lines for better products, co-creation delivers real-world solutions to some of our most pressing challenges.


Picture1.pngTo achieve the most from your co-creation efforts, choose an open, adaptable and flexible IoT platform. A key accelerator for solution creation is to be able to leverage domain knowledge and expertise from similar type of solutions, to not have to re-invent the wheel. But not all internet of things (IoT) platforms are created equal. While many IoT platforms claim a "one size fits all" solution for all of your needs, they simply can’t deliver the customized results to meet each of your unique requirements. Unlike other IoT platforms, Hitachi’s Lumada contains valuable building blocks, called Solution Cores, that simplify and accelerate the co-creation process.


Solution Cores Reduce Time to Value


Picture2.pngLumada Solution Cores are pre-validated IoT building blocks that can be combined and tailored for your business – either by yourself, with Hitachi, or with the help of ecosystem partners. These building blocks are reusable and easily adaptable for a variety of applications for e.g. manufacturing, energy or transportation. When you utilize Lumada’s predictive maintenance solution core, for example, your get prebuilt analytic algorithms, analysis and reporting that are pre-assembled and ready to use for multiple applications.



Lumada and its Solution Cores offer easy integration into specific applications using open APIs, so you can use that data to address new predictive maintenance needs, whether it is for manufacturing equipment on the assembly line or the running of a bullet train. Integrating that data into your key business systems can improve product quality, productivity and time to value.


Lumada’s Solution Cores also give you a head start in solving problems, reaching desired outcomes and discovering new opportunities. Our composable architecture and modular IoT elements can be readily adapted to your needs, so you can successfully create and deploy solutions that optimize production with dynamic scheduling, reduce defects with predictive quality, and improve efficiency with artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics. Our Solution Cores also provide the core functionality that helps you reduce downtime and risk with predictive maintenance.


Solutions Cores Get You on the Fast Track to IoT Innovation


Picture4.pngInvesting in IoT digital transformation can be risky for any organization, especially if the organization is unable to quickly and easily customize solution capabilities to get the most from the growing mountains of data entering its systems. Without the right skills and IoT platform, integrating new functionality can be time-consuming, complex and costly. Lumada reduces this risk and time to value associated with IoT projects by using Solution Cores that have already been validated in real-life deployments.


Using Hitachi Solution Cores will jump-start your IoT initiative. We leverage our extensive operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) experience and work with you to adapt Solution Cores and co-create tailored solutions that drive the outcomes you want. We are also available to assist with comprehensive services and support for all aspects of co-creation, deployment and even operations, as needed. Whether you’re in the planning stages or engaged in an IoT project, Hitachi is here to help you get the most from your IoT investments.


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