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Co-Creation Solutions Accelerate Innovation 

Blog Post created by Bjorn Andersson on Nov 30, 2017

Fast-track your time to value for new products and services.

By Björn Andersson, Senior Director, Global IoT Marketing


As we’ve seen in prior articles, co-creation accelerates your time to value for new products and services. But with digital disruption impacting every industry, there’s not a lot of time for trial and error. With the right co-creation partner, you can transform your approach to innovation, reduce the cost of developing new products and services and react quickly to changing demands.


Let’s examine four examples of how co-creation services have helped companies accelerate innovation efforts to deliver high-value products and services.



Predictive and Preventive Maintenance for UK Rail

The United Kingdom (UK) Department for Transport wanted to get out of the train business and focus on transportation services. To help them achieve their goal, Hitachi Rail Europe delivered operational and information technology expertise in a multiyear co-creation project to replace Britain’s aging fleet of trains with a new generation of highly efficient trains. Hitachi supplies the trains, and ensures availability and reliability of the systems. Hitachi’s Rail-as-a-Service contract requires 100% uptime using internet of things (IoT), big data and real-time analytics to provide predictive and preventive maintenance. Hitachi will deliver 866 train cars and maintain them for 27.5 years.


Learn more about how Hitachi is providing predictive maintenance for the rail industry.


Predictive Quality for Daicel


Daicel Corporation, a Japan-based chemical company, wanted to prevent product recalls while improving productivity. Daicel collaboratedwith Hitachi to develop an innovative 3-D image analysis system that measures and monitors worker motions. The system extracts standard behavior models that exclude non-task-related information, and identifies deviations in worker motions. Hitachi looked at the solution not only from the perspective of man, machine and material, but also created new production methods using cutting-edge IoT technologies as part of Daicel's assembly operations. Daicel improved overall quality and productivity, allowing management to monitor trends and prevent quality issues before they occur.


See how Hitachi provides analysis of key factors to drive output quality.



omika works.jpgDynamic Scheduling for Omika Works

Omika Works designs and manufactures information control systems and devices. Hitachi launched a high-efficiency production model at Omika Works in 2016 that uses internet of things (IoT) technologies to reduce production lead times.Through Lumada IoT platform, Hitachi and Omika drive co-creation efforts, sharing production model information with customers and partner companies. Lumada allows operation managers to visualize the cascading effect of process failures that impact production schedules, and uses statistical analysis to provide recommendations for improving production schedules dynamically. As a result of co-creation, the dynamic scheduling solution shortened production lead times by approximately 50%.


See how dynamic scheduling improves asset utilization, enhances productivity and increases on-time delivery.



Estimate Turbofan Engine Life for NASA

Turbofan engine with separate nozzles fan and core.jpg

Deciding when to replace aging assets is a challenge for any organization. However, for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), risking safety due to a turbofan engine failure before replacement is not an option—and replacing healthy engines is very costly. Hitachi collaborated with NASA to extract complex features from historical sensor data, used deep learning to capture temporal information, and applied the learned model to real-time sensor data to estimate remaining useful life of each engine. According to NASA, Hitachi’s technology is the most accurate among publicly reported benchmarks from NASA datasets.


Reference article:

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Collaborate to Jump-Start Innovation

GettyImages-482451240_Low.jpgCo-creation can accelerate your key initiatives to recognize greater value, faster. In addition to the use cases above, we’ve collaborated with a large analog chip manufacturer and a leading petrochemical company to provide predictive quality using root cause analysis, and helped a mining company predict truck failures to boost the availability of equipment.


When you partner with Hitachi, you gain over 100 years of operational expertise and nearly 60 years of IT expertise to leverage industrial IoT innovations that support greater efficiency, quality and productivity for your organization.


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