Rich Vining
Business-critical applications cannot tolerate downtime in today’s hyper-competitive, always-on marketplace. Backup windows often inflict hours of downtime on these applications. Recovery after a failure using traditional methods can also result in many hours or even days of downtime. Performing backup once per day can result in the need to… (Show more)
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GRZ IT Center specializes in providing IT services for leading regional banks in Austria.  Daniel Eckerstorfer, System Engineer at GRZ IT Center, recently spoke with Hitachi Vantara about creating a private cloud than could compete with their public cloud competitors.   For Full Case Study Click Here   Moving to a Private Cloud “Companies… (Show more)
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Bjorn Andersson
Collaborate to solve new problems and identify new opportunities By Björn Andersson, Senior Director, Global IoT Marketing   Forbes calls co-creation the “secret sauce to success.” With greater competition, rapidly-changing markets and the need to respond instantly to consumer feedback, traditional approaches to innovation are no longer adequate… (Show more)
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Kevin Haas
This post was written by Kevin Haas and originally published on Tuesday, July 14, 2015   When working with our clients, we find a growing number who regard their customer or transaction data as not just an internally leveraged asset, but one that can enrich their relationships with customers and supporting partners. They need to systematically… (Show more)
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Angela MaGill
As a Texan, I continued to be humbled by profound bravery and goodwill during yet another devastating hurricane season. Like most everyone, I was glued to the television as Harvey ripped through Houston with an unmatched ability to destroy homes and lives. Residents clung to what was, hoping to protect and recover what remained. I saw an amazing… (Show more)
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Barbara Goetz
42! The answer to life, universe and EVERYTHING! If only everything would be as easy...   IoT, Industrie 4.0, Predictive Maintenance and the use of data in different areas of industry is a big topic nowadays.   In our webinar series The Hitchhikers Guide to IoT we give you insights into the world of IoT and how Hitachi can help to focus on the… (Show more)
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Koji Watanabe
Hitachi Vantara has launched the new converged infrastructure Hitachi Unified Computing Platform CI (UCP CI). Today, I would like to introduce the performance analysis solution with UCP CI.   Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA) delivers visualization, intelligence and automation to optimize infrastructure health while quickly… (Show more)
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Hu Yoshida
Digital transformation is impacting business and society on a worldwide basis. In the past most enterprises focused on the new technologies which were supposed to make us more productive. In reality according to the office of Economic Cooperation and Development, productivity in most countries, even in the most technologically advanced countries… (Show more)
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Rob Tiffany
Illuminate your data and accelerate your IoT journey—on-premises or in the cloud By Rob Tiffany – CTO, Lumada   If you’ve explored the internet of things (IoT) offerings lately, you know there are hundreds of IoT platforms that promise connectivity between sensor-equipped devices and applications. In fact, a June 2017 Global IoT Platform report… (Show more)
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Nathan Moffitt
An In Depth Conversation with Brocade   As we've discussed over the last several blogs, NVMe is much more than a communication protocol. It’s a catalyst for change. A catalyst that touches every aspect of the data path.   At Hitachi we understand that customers have to consider each of these areas, and so today we’re bringing in a heavy hitter… (Show more)
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Rich Vining
If you’ve been following my blog, you’ve seen snippets of many news articles about the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Many have been about the perceived lack of preparation in the market, the potentially crushing fines that may be imposed for non-compliance, different approaches to achieving compliance, and many other… (Show more)
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Caio Moreno de Souza
Learn how to combine the power of Pentaho Data Integration and R.   This combination will leverage your machine learning project   Please visit the link below to learn how to install/enable R Script plugin into PDI.  … (Show more)
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Ravi Chalaka
From simple games to self-learning systems – AI has come a long way By Ravi Chalaka, Vice President, Global IoT and Lumada Marketing, Hitachi Vantara   Today, talk of artificial intelligence (AI) is everywhere – from Apple’s Siri to how Uber dispatches drivers, to the way Facebook arranges its Newsfeed. However, it wasn’t long ago that AI was… (Show more)
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