Madan Prabhu D
Would like to know, is there any Json Web Tokens based namespace access solution available on HCP?   we can't share the base64 encoded credentials to Client locations to get access to the name space. All the access to the HCP will be authenticated by our application layer.   Our use case:  Users will be authenticated by our Java Web Application… (Show more)
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Doug Toppin
I have been using a local HCP account for authentication (ReST interface "Authorization: HCP xxx:xxx" header) because there was an issue at some point with active directory authentication. I remember something about HCP release 7.2 a month or so ago where a fix was made for something that I think was called "active directory pass through… (Show more)
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Aaron Smith
So, I'm working on setting up HCI and HCP Log Collector and I'm running into an issue when trying to get the HCP Log Collector to connect to the HCP nodes to collect the logs. I ran a packet capture on the server that I have the Log Collector installed on to see what the network flow looked like but no traffic is generated when I run hcplogs. The… (Show more)
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Bobby Rountree
Here is a link to the training site, showing how to install HCP VMs, connect Cloudberry to HCP and connect Netbackup to HCP. These are not focusing on best practices.… (Show more)
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Adam Marcionek
Hi there,   We have an HCP virtual appliance used for testing which uses the default self-signed certificate.  When you look at the certificate, it contains *.[system FQDN] which makes sense. One problem we have, however, is using this with libCurl.  When connecting to the tenant (e.g., using MAPI) that certificate passes libCurl's checks. … (Show more)
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Sujan Chatra
Hi,   What is the HTTP method used in REST Client? When I try to access using PUT in my integration layer, Im getting PUT is not supported, same thing "POST". Please suggest.   Thanks in Advance.:)   Regards, Sujan Chatra
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Steven Goldberg
Hi,   Our company would like to evaluate HCP v. device (simulator). One node configuration can be configured easily but we have issues when trying to configure multi-node (4) configuration:      Would you help me to better understand what else should be done or corrected to allow installation to process.   Thank you!   Pavol.
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Ben Isherwood
Here's a quick start guide to help you to integrate to Content Intelligence REST APIs!   All of the features available in the Admin and Search UI applications are also available via both the CLI and REST API.   Content Intelligence provides 2 distinct REST APIs: Admin - Used to configure and manage a system Search - Used to query across search… (Show more)
Federick Brillantes
This guide provides steps in installing and configuring HCP Virtual Machine with VMware ESXi 6.5 U1.
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Hedde van der Hoeven
Dear community,     I'm finding out the hitcount of the query then calculate the number of iterations of 10,000 the script has to go through. However, I know there's a 10,000  limitation on the number of objects returned, but I found that the maximum offset is 100,000 which does not allow me to retrieve all results which goes into the millions.… (Show more)
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Nick Britton
I see through the api calls that we can register wwns to a hostgroup, but how do you define the node.  For example, today we create the node wit its wwns in command suite and then allocate to that hostgroup that is created by the workflow.    I am not seeing an api call that would allow me to create that host , so command suite would be able to… (Show more)
Eckhard Roeser
This JSON file can be used as a template to create a new LFS Connector via CLI. See also the whole procedure under   Create a data connector from a template via CLI
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