Thomas Massano
when accessing (or 8888) I get connection ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED   Fresh install of fedora 26 ( FYI I am not a unix guy - I followed the install guide to the best of my ability ;-) IPv4 only This is installed on physical machine install directory /opt/hci   1)  sudo systemctl status firewalld -> Active: active… (Show more)
Gaetano Bisaz
I know that several connectors are on the RM for HCI. For a special case, connection to data on a GPFS based storage and on HNAS would be very beneficial. I'd like to know if these connections are at all possible, will be possible and if already available, any experience? Many thanks in advance for any response. Regards Gaetano
Jason Hardy
We are building a data movement platform (targeting HCP) in a couple different scenarios that require the ability to track the HTTP status code of the PUT that takes place for each file.  In looking through the data movement capabilities, I am not seeing where we can capture HTTP returns codes to ensure that we don't need to retry the PUT, etc. &… (Show more)
Dia Ali
Is there an option or a variable in HCI to list current date/time in order to compare that to say an object metadata date/time values ?
Devi Narayanan
We have developed a custom stage plugin for HCI and implemented logging functionality.After pipeline execution in HCI, logs are not getting generated for our custom plugin in the specific path and we are getting the below error   Please let us know what could be the issue.   -Devi
Sanghoon Lee
Hello. I'm sanghoon. in south korea. I have one basic question about HCI.   HCI consists of 'Master node' and 'Worker node'. But, I do not know exactly what 'master node' and 'worker node' function. In manual, there is no explanation about 'master node' and 'worker node' function. Just comments "master instances, which run an essential set… (Show more)
Michael Schumacher
Team,   We recently switched our Docker configuration to use the DeviceMapper. During the reinstall of HCI we are encountering an error with the hci_setup script. When run, the script will recognize Docker, and begin to load the Docker Images. Unfortunately, it is during this process that we encounter the error. The script loads the HCI image and… (Show more)
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Wayne Egli
I know you can deploy HAD in a cluster however I was curious if there are any other options for reducing or eliminating downtime for HAD? One scenario I would like to investigate is installing HAD on systems in different sites and then use load balancer to route requests. Prefer an active/passive configuration so when one is down or fails health… (Show more)
Karun Koppakula
Hi I am trying to use HAD REST API to invoke allocate like volumes service. I have three storage arrays and I have created 6 allocate like volume services  (based different infrastructure groups and resource groups) . Instead of creating these many services  can I have on default service and pass the service group name through HAD  REST API and… (Show more)
Alexander Kilimnik
I'm attempting to use the Web Service connection plugin to connect via SSL to a REST providor that is using a self-signed certificates. I'm getting a handshake failure with the plugin. Is this due to the certificate chain being untrusted? How do I workaround this error?
Donald Copeland
We are trying to add extend storage to our HCP cluster. We use AWS with ADFS policy's. Instead of having access Key's and Secret Key's we use ADFS to authenticate.  Depending what AD group the user has been assign to will depend on what AWS access they have. So create a user that has access to create an S3 bucket. Now I'm trying to confiure HCP… (Show more)
Jonathan Hock
I'm getting an error in the HCI test harness:     There was a previous thread going on this, however I'm starting a new thread because there was confusion around a maven dependency issue and the test harness issue.  Below is the link to the old thread for reference:   To do Hornet plugin harness testing
Roguen Keller
I'm trying to create a connector for files sitting on my local file system The note below the file path states that the must be within the HCI install directory, but I'm struggling to define exactly what that is.   I've tried creating sample directories with data under /opt/hci /opt/hci/1.1.1 /opt/hci/data   Configuring this for simply… (Show more)
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