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Soujanya Naganuri
That is the second one weblog of my SAP HANA on vSphere weblog series and will provide information on SAP HANA on VMware vSphere compute resource sizing.   This weblog does no longer describe a way to perform the actual SAP HANA system RAM sizing. For this please refer to the SAP documentation. an awesome begin is to study the sizing SAP HANA… (Show more)
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Abhilash Sitaram
What is the raid comm command for setting QoS(IOPS Threshold)in LUN level using CCI or Is there a way in achieving the same in GUI.
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Hi,   I'm using Hitachi Command Suite SMI-S provider to collect information from storage systems. When requesting for "HITACHI_StorageSystem", I get the list of storage systems. The list is missing VSP G-series storage systems.   Does HCS SMI-S provider works with VSP G-series? Or, is it require some special configuration for SMI-S provider see… (Show more)
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Vittawat Tacharuk
Dear all   I need to know if I need to implement GAD, I need to buy remote replicate license or not?   Thank you.
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Adhish Kapoor
Hi,   I need help to understand/know the structure to convert LUN-WWN to LDEV/PORT ID/Serial Number  for Hitachi Storage disk. CCL "paidisplay" can help to convert vice-versa i.e generated LUN-WWN from LDEV/Serial Number/Port Number.   Thanks in advance for help.   Regards; Adhish Kapoor
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Walter Nadybal
How do I reset the default IP address of controller 1 from to We just replaced this controller and I need to change IP address to match controller 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx Walt
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Emanuel b Silva
I worked for an hds partner and had the hcp anywhere installed , then left and removed the app, but I can’t remove the profile certificate from the iPhone. Can you help, please.   regards   Emanuel
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yuan song
I have a AMS2100 with 3 trays, the day before yesterday I find two disks in the 3th tray are detached, I replaced one of them and inserted a new one(from Hitachi supplier), after one and a half days the disk light changed to green, then I replaced another fault disk and inserted a new disk. It's so badlly, untill now all data in AMS2100 still… (Show more)
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Wesley Wesley
Hi all,   can you please help me, where I can find stencil for Hitachi Compute Blade 500?   Thanks.
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Paul Morrissey
I recently published a short video blog Let's hear it - Introduction to UCP Advisor which introduced a new converged and hyper-converged infrastructure automation and delivery software from HDS. Some great feedback but as expected folks asking for more technical details and an opportunity to see the product in action. With that, here is a 20+ min… (Show more)
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Paul Morrissey
We recently rolled out the latest release of UCP Advisor, v1.2, our flag ship infrastructure automation software for converged, hyper-converged and standalone storage.  In a previous blog, I included a longish voice over video which rolled through the various features but I thought I would take the opportunity to peel back the features in a… (Show more)
in VMware
I upgraded a server from ESXi 6.0 to 6.5.  When I did this, I lost 12 out of my 17 LUNs. In going over the errors in the vmkernel.log I saw the error "Failed to add legacy uid XXXX on path XXXX Already exists"  In looking at which volumes did not come back, lo and behold they had two LUN IDs based off the different paths.    Here's an example:  … (Show more)
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Javier Avila Nieto
Hi guys,   I'm looking for configuration guidelines with Brocade and VSP G (Port configuration, Virtual Fabric...)   Thanks in advance,
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