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Wirat Detakarat
I have new project used hard disk type FMD 14 TB and 7TB. Customer need to know raid rebuild time with Raid6(6+2) I found only old FMD type 1.6 TB and 3.2 TB. Please help.
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Bruce Kirkland
I've been thru some really odd steps based on the info on TUF and often find that I have to ask an HDS engineer to come on site and get a dump. I understand this can be done via. Hi-Track. Can this be done in a secure manner? What do I have to do?
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Volker Osswald
I was in Hicommand and have done some configurations for 2 G800, like define Volumes, add these to hostgroups, change pool definitions and so on. sometimes my jobs were cancelled, because some other appl. was "changing" the config. . first idea was that some others are logged in in SN, but i could not find anybody. So i disabled all users in SN… (Show more)
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Wayne Shellenberger
We can no longer log into Hitachi Content Platform GUI with user security, which was the only account setup on this. Also can't ssh into it because it requires some special keys. How can we get logged back into this again?
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Neil Esposito
Is there any document that discusses best practice for RAID on FMD DC2? I know everyone is saying RAID-5 but I need a document to show a customer why. I also know the MTBF is greater on FMD because of the write algorithms and being solid stare. help!
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Vince Iasenzaniro
Hi, we are looking into implementing Thin Image (SNAPs) for our SAP database; 2 per day with a 2 day rotation. Just wondering if the db would be protected from data corruption (human error); example - the lun gets unmapped from the server. How would the SNAP react? And would we be able to restore the last snapshot and be up and running? Thanks,… (Show more)
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bhuvankumar kuppannagari
We are going to setup new Netbackup environment with Master and Media server of version 8.0 and would like to connect HCP as backend storage, I would like to know whether we any plug in required to have the HCP storage
in Content Mobility
I need to develop an application to manage Hitachi VSP and HUS in ServiceNow. From, where I can get the HDS Simulator for both the arrays and the web-based REST API for managing DP Pools, Parity Groups, Volumes, External Storage, Components, Ports/Hosts Group, Cache Partition, Encryption, License, Allocate Volumes, Create Pool, Create Volumes,… (Show more)
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Lauren Klein
Tokyo, 26 April, 2017 --- Hitachi, Ltd. (TSE:6501) today announced that it has concluded an agreement with SAP to be a supplier for the SAP HANA® Enterprise Cloud. This agreement builds on Hitachi's long-standing strategic alliance with SAP. Under the terms of the agreement, Hitachi and oXya, a Hitachi Group company and a leading SAP-certified…
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Wirat Detakarat
HNAS can used autenticate on LDAP or not I can't find document. I can find only on AD.
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Manoj Rana
Hi Team, In my command suit analytic Tab is not working, and error messages is coming that there is no co-operating agent installed .refresh the storage system and confirm that tuning  Manager is monitoring the storage system
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