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Emanuel b Silva
I worked for an hds partner and had the hcp anywhere installed , then left and removed the app, but I can’t remove the profile certificate from the iPhone. Can you help, please.   regards   Emanuel
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Seccad Caglayan
Hii I have POC about Hitachi Anywhere and I want to convert one of my old server (VMDK) to double cluster server is it possible or I need to delete everything and start again and also lost all of the data
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Balz Aschwanden
We have a hard to reproduce issue with some of our macOS Clients using smb2 and smb3.   Users can edit and create files then all of a sudden, the lose the right to a certain directory or file. It's the "all of a sudden" part that makes it difficult to debug.   However, I noticed that turning of ntfs streams on the client seems to resolve this… (Show more)
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John Rafter
Hi there...I am no Hitachi or SAN expert but could someone explain to me the difference between the "Used" and "Subscription" %. Should I be concerned with DP0 being close to 80% used?
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Juan Lozano
Hello its posible to get a temporal file .lic for test Hitachi Data ingestor on vmware?   regards
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Larry Yeung
Does HDS Gx00 support this action, make a shadow image on a spitted thin image target?   A-LUN     Production data LUN B-LUN     Thin image LUN C-LUN     Shadow image from B-LUN   I am using CCI, want to make a clone copy of the B-LUN (Snap-shot of production data), however, CCI complains the volume status.   # pairdisplay -IM1198 -g si… (Show more)
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John b Perry
Hi, we have a bunch of capacity reports in Command Suite Analyst (8.4).  From the GUI, there is no way of exporting the reports.  Is there a way to exports the views as text or CSV?  Thanx.
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Dipesh Kolassery
Hello Experts,   I have some windows physical hosts which needs to be migrated to g1000 array(including boot luns) from VSP array.   Could you please help me with the procedure to perform this using the HTSM(virtualizing the vsp array behind the G1000 array).   Though I have created the plan, I am connecting with as much experts as I can, so… (Show more)
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Theresa Atangan
  VMworld 2017 | August 27-31, 2017Mandalay Bay Hotel, Las Vegas, NV |  Booth #1231  Data Driven Digital Transformation IT Agility means “Saying Yes to More”.  Increased agility drives accelerated innovation and a successful journey to Digital Transformation. Hitachi is committed to accelerating our VMware customers’ Digital Transformation journey…
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Syahal Arip
Hi Masters, Our customer have 2 clusters HNAS 4060. One cluster at DC and another one at DRC, We have created the replication through File Replication on HNAS and it works. The problem comes when we want to failback the file replication from DR to DC. We have no idea how to configure the failback file replication on HNAS. If we do the failback… (Show more)
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Shailender Choudhary
Hello Friends,   I have few mission critical hosts whose performance(Response time and transfer data) need to be checked timely. I want to script or set email monitor in case usage is above the threshold. We have a Tunning manager in place too but I am not able to find threshold alerting. Please suggest me how can I monitor the performance using… (Show more)
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Viet Mai Thanh
Hi Everyone,   I have problem when i turn G200 on, the message shown: "Power on in process" and then "Controller can not boot". There is no data in G200 so i decided to reset he to factory mode. Anyone can show me step by step  to reset G200 into factory mode. Thank you in advance.
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Can anyone tell me where i can find n-1 firmware versions details for HCP, HDI, HUS 130, HUS 150 and VSP G400. And also the EOL and EOS details for the same devices.   NOTE : I dont have support details for these devices as of now, so i cannot get these information from
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