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Seung Woo Cho
Hi guys,   I want to get the environmental information; power consumption and heat output of UCP HC V120F(D52B-1U). There is no these information even in QCT homepage. Is there anybody can help this? Please let me know.
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Wayne Egli
How do you configure notification when a workflow fails (one or more tasks abnormally exit for example)? The help for configuring email looks like it should, but we're not getting the notification.   In the help I see this. Am I reading this incorrectly? Email notifications are sent to users when a task fails, or when a task requires input from… (Show more)
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Himanshu Dixit
Hi Folks,   I am new to Kettle. I have question regarding 'Join Rows (Cartesian Product)' step.   I am using 2 BigQuery tables as input and cross joining them with 3 conditions based on date fields. It does include operators like '>=' and '<' in the join condition. Count in first BigQuery table is around 5.5k and other BigQuery table has 700k… (Show more)
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Fabrizio Agosti
Hi, I'm using Pentaho Data Integration version 6.1.   I tring to use "Email messages input" for read email message from Gmail. The test of Connection configuration is Ok. The test of Input folder is ok,  but when execute the transformation I receive this error:   2018/04/20 07:31:54 - Spoon - Spoon 2018/04/20 07:50:00 -… (Show more)
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Hedde van der Hoeven
Dear community,   What date does the field "HCI_createdDateString" represent?   Kind regards,   Hedde
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In 6.x or 7.x is there a maximum number of steps that you can have in a single Kettle transformation and do any of the transformation settings affect this maximum? I have noticed that sometimes just adding one more step to some transforms cause it to become unstable and/or not start promptly and/or run properly.   (and yes I usually break up my… (Show more)
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Hello everyone, I'm convinced this situation already happened to some of you, so I'm here to request your help. I'm trying to access some of Google's API and the call must be authenticated with an OAuth token which I get in exchange for my private key. I have the private key in both JSON and P12 files. I'm not a Java developer and now I'm unsure… (Show more)
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Idin Ba
Hello and good day, I have a one question how to see MUL and MUS port WWN in VSP Storage
Hello All,   I have a customer who wants to store their security camera videos on a storage. They have nearly 1000 cameras connected to Milestone Systems solution. We are planning to create a project for HCP.   That's why I am looking for a case study of a project in the world consists of both HCP and Milestone Systems solutions.   Does anybody… (Show more)
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Joao Ciocca
So, I even found a couple JIRA reports about this, but no aparent solution. Since we started using the Pentaho Server repository, using Spoon became a patience workout. Everything is sluggish, even moving steps around. I have no idea on how/where to diagnose what's causing it. Any tips, at all, are welcome.
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Govanna Flores
Hitachi Content Intelligence delivers a flexible and robust solution framework to provide comprehensive discovery and quick exploration of critical business data and storage operations.   Make smarter decisions with better data and deliver the best information to the right people at the right time. Connect to all of your data for real-time… (Show more)
Dan Keeley
The CFR file upload component has a success callback - the code looks like this:   success: this.successCallback || fileUploadedCallback,   So; Firstly that means I can't override the default fileUploadedCallback right?  Certainly that's what's happening, it DOES call my callback, but then does the other one too!   Secondly; When the… (Show more)
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