Wayne Egli
In creating a dynamic selection using an external provider I want to access properties which store information I need in the script. How do you do this? For example:      function fn (requestPath, queryParamMap, properties) {           var userName = 'myUserName';      }   How do I replace "myUserName" with something I have as a property of… (Show more)
Wayne Egli
I'm trying to create a custom external resource provider within an input property and keep getting a blank selection dropdown. My steps: - Under the 'Edit Input Property for Service" in the "Value and Presentation" section - I select "Selection" for Presentation. Data source Dynamic. - In the dropdown select "Add new external resource… (Show more)
Julian Bici
Does HAD support any other languages aside from javascript? e.g python, powershell. Can I build a service plugin that executes a script written in python? If yes, what python environments are supported by default? Can I install additional python modules as needed?   Thanks Julian
Julian Bici
I had a question around the "Allocate Flash Volumes for Generic Application" service. The service executes without any errors but it fails to provision the volumes to the right target ports on the existing server. It arbitrarily picked a new set of target ports on the array and allocated the volumes ignoring the existing configuration.   What is… (Show more)
Michael Ratner
I need to develop an application to manage Hitachi VSP and HUS in ServiceNow. From, where I can get the HDS Simulator for both the arrays and the web-based REST API for managing DP Pools, Parity Groups, Volumes, External Storage, Components, Ports/Hosts Group, Cache Partition, Encryption, License, Allocate Volumes, Create Pool, Create Volumes,… (Show more)
Johnny Koen
Hi Guys,   Has anyone been able to use one of the build-in plug-ins in HAD to create a VMware VMFS datastore? The HAD user guide only talks about a service temple for allocate like and then create the datastore.   In my case the volume has already been created, a GAD volume. Now I want to find out how to create the Datastore. I see there is a… (Show more)
Kota Saito
This is brief introduction about the enhancement of "User-Response Wait Plugin" at HAD V8.5.1. The plugin allows you to pause workflow and wait for user input (from button), but can only show fixed message before this enhancement. However, by this enhancement, you can show more valuable information written by html and it can be written…
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Sven Kirsten
Hello,   I've spent some time to find out how to create a Service Template with full user interaction. What did I mean with user interaction ? User interaction is when the user is asked to fill in some values in a form. And I want to create a Service (or Service Template) that ask the user for input in the middle of a service flow.     See… (Show more)
Wayne Egli
I'm building a custom service to enable/disable ports on a switch. It would be helpful to be able to pull a list of switches and their ports from the fabric. Is this possible?
From where I can find the web based REST API for operations like volume provisioning, host management, Pool Management, CHAP, iSCSI and other operations and which Product of Hitachi Data Systems manages all these operations in GUI. Is there any product available in Hitachi Data Systems which does monitoring over data and the storage arrays, Does… (Show more)
in Hitachi Developer Network
Michael Hay
Some of the key R&D folks focused on stream processing have an article on the concept in general.  Worth a read: Stream Data Processing Platform with Sub-Millisecond Latency : Research & Development : Hitachi...   Anyone have any thoughts on the topic?
Johnny Koen
Hi Guys,   I'm busy creating the GAD Provisioning Service Template using the CM Rest Javascript plugins. In my "create GAD Copy groups" script I'm required to create a session with both the local and remote storage array. Using curl on a Linux box I'm able to create the copy group by specifying the Authorization:Session header and… (Show more)
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