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Sandeep Mittal
In a scenario, we have two command devices on a pair management server, a non-authenticated (used by TC pairs) and authenticated (created by GAD setup). While creating GAD pairs on the PMS thru RpM, replication failed due to authentication error. We open HORCM in notepad and noticed that GAD is picking up both command devices in the HORCM file and… (Show more)
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Luis Diaz
Hello Everyone. I need to virtualize a 10TB size Lun and preserve existing data. The external array is an AMS2100. When mapped to internal LDEV the G200 array only is capable to map 4TB. When i've activated the Data Direct Mapping, i was unable to add a LUN path to the ldev. How can i virtualize de entire 10TB Lun in just one ldev with orginal… (Show more)
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Burhan Halilov
This KB article   States:   1. Each HBA should only "see" one instance of each LUN.  This means if you have 2 HBA's, then you should only have 2 paths to each LUN. If you have 4 HBA's, then you can provide 4 paths to each LUN. Allowing an HBA to see… (Show more)
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Ron Hawkins
I'm just interested in why customers prefer one product over the other. Data set level copy is an obvious difference, so I'm thinking more along the lines of full volume applications.   I don't want to debate the relative merits of each product, but I may have some further questions about how you use the software to satisfy my curiosity.   Ron
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Nathan Moffitt
An In Depth Conversation with Cisco.  Welcome back! (Yes, I was waiting for this opportunity to show my age with a Welcome Back Kotter image).   For those of you that haven’t been following along in real time – c’mon man! – we’re in the midst of a multi-blog series around NVMe and data center design (list of blogs below).   That’s right, data… (Show more)
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We have a HUS 130. I just added 6 TB of pool capacity to our Disk Pool. The DP Raid Groups tab currently states "Normal(Formatting(n%)) " for those 2 sets of Raid Groups I just added to the Disk Pool. Can I safely create volumes while it is still formatting? Thank you.
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didier bournet
Hi All Sorry for this question but I can't find it so quickly. What is the max number of Ldev per port for G1000/G1500 product ?   I checked several doc HDS on web but I can't found this information. Thanks in advance Cheers
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didier bournet
Hi Team,   With CCI is it possible to know the creation date of LDEV ? Thanks for your answer Cheers Didier
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didier bournet
Hi All, I did not found clear answer regarding "DEPLETION" threshold in HSN. What does it mean ?   Thank you for your answers. Cheers Didier
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Juan Carrero
Hi all, This question is about how could I configure the HGLM console (It has been configured on server A) into HDvM (It has been configured on server B). Each one are running currently without troubles; but I want to access the HGLM from HDvM console. --> Where could I find this information, I mean, what document can I follow to do this? Thank… (Show more)
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didier bournet
Hi All, On VSP, I have one ldev in local replication (Shadow Image), Hitachi Storage Navigator (GUI) show me that pair as "PAIR" status. If I try to check the same with CCI, the same pair are in "SMPL "status !   [root@lsm2i025 ~]# pairdisplay -g DGRP_SI_HPITT002_HPITT004 -fxdc -CLI -IH450 Group   PairVol L/R  Device_File     Seq# LDEV# P/S… (Show more)
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YoungChul Hyun
Hi All   Is there somewhere visio stencils for the UCP Series ?   Thank you Hyun
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Tina Pankievich
Htiachi Vantara Global Learning has a new offering, Hitachi Self-Paced Learning Library, to give you the training you need when you need it. View the PDF below for more information.
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