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Thomas Massano
when accessing (or 8888) I get connection ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED   Fresh install of fedora 26 ( FYI I am not a unix guy - I followed the install guide to the best of my ability ;-) IPv4 only This is installed on physical machine install directory /opt/hci   1)  sudo systemctl status firewalld -> Active: active… (Show more)
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Shailender Choudhary
Hello Friends,   I have few mission critical hosts whose performance(Response time and transfer data) need to be checked timely. I want to script or set email monitor in case usage is above the threshold. We have a Tunning manager in place too but I am not able to find threshold alerting. Please suggest me how can I monitor the performance using… (Show more)
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John Rafter
Hi there...I am no Hitachi or SAN expert but could someone explain to me the difference between the "Used" and "Subscription" %. Should I be concerned with DP0 being close to 80% used?
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Tom Alex
Hi All,   Looking at the CLI man page it is showing that FC link is a cluster wide command. Please let me know how to use this command to disable FC port in one of the node in cluster without affecting other nodes in the cluster.   Thanks Tom
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Gaetano Bisaz
I know that several connectors are on the RM for HCI. For a special case, connection to data on a GPFS based storage and on HNAS would be very beneficial. I'd like to know if these connections are at all possible, will be possible and if already available, any experience? Many thanks in advance for any response. Regards Gaetano
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Martin Borjesson
Hi,   Im trying to copy a set of files with hcpdm and the command looks like this:   hcpdm copy -s "LFS" -d "Helium log ARKIV" --source-path "Z:" --destination-path "/barmab/" "C:\Apps\HeliumToArchive.txt" --export-results-path C:\temp\mb --export-results "FAILURE"   but im getting this error   " Z:\ ,Z:\  is not readable Z:\ÿþz \ t e s t \… (Show more)
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Jason Hardy
We are building a data movement platform (targeting HCP) in a couple different scenarios that require the ability to track the HTTP status code of the PUT that takes place for each file.  In looking through the data movement capabilities, I am not seeing where we can capture HTTP returns codes to ensure that we don't need to retry the PUT, etc. &… (Show more)
Dia Ali
Is there an option or a variable in HCI to list current date/time in order to compare that to say an object metadata date/time values ?
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Marc Van Hoof
Used to run IBM ds8k hardware. It was nice to check mainfraime volser name when deletiing them via cli or gui
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Rich Vining
The European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect on 25 May 2018 and will affect every organization, anywhere in the world, that collects, processes or retains any “personally identifiable information, or PII” of European Union citizens.   This new regulation is a really big deal, perhaps with a bigger impact on U.S.… (Show more)
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