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Obtaining HSDP and HSDP-SDK

Until these applications are available for download in the Support Portal, please contact your HDS Sales Rep or Ananth Tiru to obtain the HSDP and HSDP-SDK .iso images, and the Getting_Started.tar.gz file.


System Requirements

The full requirements for HSDP are documented in the HSDP 3.0.0 Release Notes, but the basic requirements are:


Operating System

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Red Hat Linux Advanced Platform: Version 6.5, 6.6, or 7.1
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server: Version 11 SP2, 11 SP3, or 12


Disk Space

1,024 MB



  • Using a SDP server: 1,024 MB
  • Using the SDP broker: 256 MB
  • Using the SDP manager: 256 MB
  • Using the SDP coordinator: 512 MB


Installing HSDP and HSDP-SDK

After mounting the .iso images, run the following commands to install HSDP and HSDP-SDK.  In the examples below, it is assumed the mount points are /mnt/HSDP and /mnt/HSDP-SDK, respectively.


To install HSDP:

sudo /mnt/HSDP/HSDP/


To install HSDP-SDK:

sudo /mnt/HSDP-SDK/HSDP-SDK/


Full installation details are available in the HSDP Setup and Configuration Guide.


Installing Smart Meter Tutorial

Download the Smart_meter.tar.gz file and follow these steps:


From your home directory, create a working directory and install the Smart Meter tutorial with these commands:

/opt/hitachi/hsdp/bin/hsdpsetup -dir ~/username/Smart_meter
cp /downloads/Smart_meter.tar.gz .
tar -zxvf Smart_meter.tar.gz



Go to the next page to understand the tutorial lab HSDP Use-Case Scenario.