I/O Video Series: Episode 3 – Primary Storage Deduplication

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    Originally posted by Greg Knieriemen on Aug 19, 2013


    Shmuel Shottan, VP, Product Operations and Technology at Hitachi Data Systems, joins Greg Knieriemen and Michael Hay to discuss Primary Storage Deduplication. In this episode we discuss how Hitachi Data Systems introduced primary storage dedupe for our Hitachi NAS Platform (HNAS) and our Hitachi Unified Storage (HUS) family that does not compromise on performance. Our “Deduplication without compromise” :

    • Is automated for less administration.
    • Implements data-in-place deduplication.
    • Will throttle back automatically when workload thresholds are reached.
    • Leverages an advanced cryptographic hashing algorithm to ensure data integrity.
    • Scales to dedupe the entire usable capacity of a filer.

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