• What does "Service is currently undergoing maintenance" message mean?

    Hello,   when I try to change the name or description of an existing content class I get the following error message:     I went to the service monitoring page to find out which service this is rela...
    Eckhard Roeser
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  • The Case for Hitachi Hybrid Flash Arrays

    A recent analyst report makes the following claim   “Solid-state arrays have reached a level of maturity, reliability and cost-effectiveness that they now exceed hybrid disk arrays in all characteristics e...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • Does HAD support any other languages aside from javascript? e.g python, powershell

    Does HAD support any other languages aside from javascript? e.g python, powershell. Can I build a service plugin that executes a script written in python? If yes, what python environments are supported by default? Can...
    Julian Bici
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  • How can I get hi-track to manage array dumps

    I've been thru some really odd steps based on the info on TUF and often find that I have to ask an HDS engineer to come on site and get a dump. I understand this can be done via. Hi-Track. Can this be done in a secure...
    Bruce Kirkland
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  • How to force a field type to a string when it is first added to an index even though the field contains an integer value?

    There is  some inconsistency the way a field types are displayed on the Discovered Fields tab during testing a pipeline vs Discovered Fields tab after a workflow completes vs Field type defined in the schema. ...
    KC Kancherla
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  • More questions on how to access properties

    In creating a dynamic selection using an external provider I want to access properties which store information I need in the script. How do you do this? For example:      function fn (requestPath...
    Wayne Egli
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  • Input Property - External Resource provider

    I'm trying to create a custom external resource provider within an input property and keep getting a blank selection dropdown. My steps: - Under the 'Edit Input Property for Service" in the "Value and Presentation" ...
    Wayne Egli
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  • Is it possible to have multiple independent consistency groups in a single HUR journal pair?

    I have run out of journal IDs, but would like to create two independent sets of HUR pairs.  Is it possible to have two "dev_group"s  be sync/split independently by specifying different consistency groups at ...
    Peter Keating
    created by Peter Keating
  • Tokenize to replace not append?

    Idiot playing in a lab, I apologize for how basic this question is:   I've got a Content Class that generates multiple returns on a pattern. The class will semicolon the multiple returns within one field. Then w...
    Keith O'Toole
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  • HiCommand and refresh of Storage Systems

    I was in Hicommand and have done some configurations for 2 G800, like define Volumes, add these to hostgroups, change pool definitions and so on. sometimes my jobs were cancelled, because some other appl. was "changin...
    Volker Osswald
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  • Allocate Flash Volumes for Generic Application

    I had a question around the "Allocate Flash Volumes for Generic Application" service. The service executes without any errors but it fails to provision the volumes to the right target ports on the existing server. It ...
    Julian Bici
    created by Julian Bici
  • FMD DC2 RAID best practice

    Is there any document that discusses best practice for RAID on FMD DC2? I know everyone is saying RAID-5 but I need a document to show a customer why. I also know the MTBF is greater on FMD because of the write algor...
    Neil Esposito
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  • Does network speed really matter?

    If you're like me, you've been pondering the true business value of 32Gb networking speed.  Is the investment worth it? Will it make a material difference for my business? With yesterday’s announcement of ...
    Angela MaGill
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  • Thin Image (SNAP) restore from data corruption.

    Hi, we are looking into implementing Thin Image (SNAPs) for our SAP database; 2 per day with a 2 day rotation. Just wondering if the db would be protected from data corruption (human error); example - the lun gets unm...
  • PST expansion changes

    PST expansion issues or changes.  Has anyone else noticed some changes with the PST expansion after upgradeing to ?  I use to have a drop/reject to ignore based on content_type  "application ps...
    Troy Myers
    created by Troy Myers
  • HCI APIs SSL Connection and Addition settings

    Hi All, I am working on a project and need a small help related to HCI APIs calls. I tried access services but getting error related to SSL Connection. Please help me to get SSL certificates and additional setting ...
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  • HCP Plug in

    We are going to setup new Netbackup environment with Master and Media server of version 8.0 and would like to connect HCP as backend storage, I would like to know whether we any plug in required to have the HCP storage
    bhuvankumar kuppannagari
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  • Commvault and HCP as Cloud Storage

    Hi,   i  tried to add HCP 7.1 as Commvault (11 SP5) Cloud Storage. Operation ended w/ error: Failed to check cloud server status. Commvault recommended to add nCloudServerCertificateNameCheck in Advanced ...
    Michal Marek
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  • I can't log into HCP GUI with security user.

    We can no longer log into Hitachi Content Platform GUI with user security, which was the only account setup on this. Also can't ssh into it because it requires some special keys. How can we get logged back into this...
    Wayne Shellenberger
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  • HDS Simulator

    I need to develop an application to manage Hitachi VSP and HUS in ServiceNow. From, where I can get the HDS Simulator for both the arrays and the web-based REST API for managing DP Pools, Parity Groups, Volumes, Exter...
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