• Dynamic list for User input

    Hi All,   Im trying to create a dynamic list for the user to select from for input variables. If I follow the JS code provided a get the following error. I only get this error when I run the service and not when...
    Johnny Koen
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  • Setting Up and Submitting a Hitachi Automation Director Smart Provisioning Service

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    Jill Ross
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  • Using HIAA to Analyze a Performance Bottleneck in Shared Infrastructure

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    Jill Ross
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  • HID (Hitachi Infrastucture Director) and HCS (Hitachi Common Suite)

    Hello, Whats the difference between the HID (Hitachi Infrastucture Director) and HCS (Hitachi Common Suite) ? We can manage all Midrange VSP Gx00 systems with both, right? Regards
    Daniel Goncalves
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  • Is it possible to run more than one instance of the HCPAW client on a computer?

    I would like to access two different HCPAW setups, and sync them into separate folders on my computer.
    Richard Lund
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  • HUR between VSP and G600

    Hello All,   Is it possible to setup HUR b/w VSP and VSP G600. is yes, what will be the Controller ID to mentioned in VSP, while registering the G600 Controller.      For VSP G1000, the controll...
    Abishek b S
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  • Synchronization Time Failure Message on G400

    i'm trying to figure out a situation that i had with a Hitachi Storage VSP G400 with sync time between my SVP and its controllers, the time to time i received the email message that informed me some problems with the ...
    Gulliber Cairo
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  • How to use Hi-track for Quanta server

    Hi guys.   I need help. I want to setup Hi-track in Quanta T41S 2U server but I don't know anything   How to download Hi-track and manual? And How to use Hi-track?  Please help me   Thanks
    Dongmin Kim
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  • KAPM08011-E Your session is invalid. logout and then login again

    Hi   We are trying to open Tuning manager from HiCommand Suite. But we are getting below error,   KAPM08011-E Your session is invalid. Logout, and then login again.
    gobinath palanisamy
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  • Upgrading from ESXi 6.0 to 6.5 took out my LUNs

    I upgraded a server from ESXi 6.0 to 6.5.  When I did this, I lost 12 out of my 17 LUNs. In going over the errors in the vmkernel.log I saw the error "Failed to add legacy uid XXXX on path XXXX Already exists"...
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  • Change Host group on VSP G200

    Dear all, I have a VSP G200 system storage,  12 servers connect to  the Storage the currently, I have one host group include all WWN of servers connect to storage Now, I need split WWN of 2 servers in ...
    Pham Quoc Cuong
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  • How to convert SPLT-TIME

    Hi all, I would like to know how to convert the "SPLT-TIME" of snapshot (Thin) ? I tried to convert it by a  timestamp  converter but the expected date is not the good one (03/10/1970 - see below).   ...
    didier bournet
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  • Lpar virtual wwn in hitachi cb2500

    Hi all,   I just setup lpar environment in hitachi cb2500. I created lpar, and assign it virtual wwn (let's say wwn for lpar xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:70:02) while I tried to zoning on fabric switch, I didn't see lpar...
    Wesley Wesley
    created by Wesley Wesley
  • Append attachment content to parent xml file

    Problem:   We have xml files in a directory on a HCP namespace called "messages" that contain chat conversations. Sometimes these chat messages include attachments. These attachments are stored in a different di...
    KC Kancherla
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  • HCP Log Collector connection issues.

    So, I'm working on setting up HCI and HCP Log Collector and I'm running into an issue when trying to get the HCP Log Collector to connect to the HCP nodes to collect the logs. I ran a packet capture on the server that...
    Aaron Smith
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  • Will IoT Mean More Edge and Less Cloud?

    Just as companies have begun to gear up their digital transformations, CIOs and IT professionals have been tracking the arrival of the Internet of Things (IoT) with a combination of excitement and dread. Gartner forec...
    Gary Breder
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  • Solution & Product Forums List

    Cloud   Content Mobility   Converged / Compute   Data Protection   Hardware   Industry Solutions   Mainframe   Microsoft   Oracle   Performance and Sizing   ...
    Jill Ross
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  • LMS_Datasheet_June2017.pdf

    Tina Pankievich
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  • What Goes Into Winning the VMware Innovation OEM award for 2017?

    VMware Partner Leadership Summit 2017 which took place last month, concluded with awards ceremonies recognizing exemplary achievements in the VMware Partner ecosystem. Hitachi was singled out as the Innovation OEM par...
    Hu Yoshida
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  • What is the latest microcode available for AMS 2100 ?

    We currently have a AMS 2100 with two controllers with microcode 08D3/A-X. Is there a new version available ? I can't find it using portal.hds.com.   Many thanks!
    Jean-Francois Boucher
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