• Report from cda datasource

    Hi,   is it possible to create a report with cda datasource? We are using report designer v7.1.0.0-12, but with no luck with cda datasource. For example, if we have OneChartDashboard.cda as the picture shows: ...
  • CDE - Radar chart

    Hello,   I need to  have a CDE dashboard with radar chart. Unfortunately on Pentaho CDE seems not be exist this type of chart.   How can I fix my issue? Regards
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  • I have the requirement to add funnel chart in pentaho server community edition..anyone can help me how can I do it?

    Is it possible to add funnel chart it pentaho server community edition..if it is possible anybody can tell me how to do it?
    Meena k
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  • Token based Namespace Access

    Would like to know, is there any Json Web Tokens based namespace access solution available on HCP?   we can't share the base64 encoded credentials to Client locations to get access to the name space. All the acc...
    Madan Prabhu D
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  • OLAP Chart Wizard freezes

    Hi, whenever I am trying to add data to a dashboard, the User Consule freezes and only shows the spinning wheel.   We are working with a freshly installed Pentaho Server: installed on a Debian VM (clean instal...
    Wolfram Broszies
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  • Installation of Pentaho 8 Community Edition on Centos 7

    I am trying to install and run Pentaho Community Edition 8 on the Centos 7 Linux distribution. All instructions I can find seem to be out of date. Is there a current set of instructions for installing, configuring and...
    Robert b Barker
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  • Obtain information on how virtual machines correspond to SLUs

    Environment: HCS 8.5.4-02 VMware vSphere 6.5.0 U1 Hitachi Storage Provider for VMware vCenter (VASA Provider) 3.4.1 Hitachi VSP G1000   Identifying information that exists between VMs and block storage VVols&...
  • Configuring HDLM/HGLM in VMware environment

    Tested for HCS 8.5.4 and VMware vSphere 6.5.0 U1   Step by step.   Installing software on Remote Management Client  and preparing environment Install ActivePerl (Latest Version, for example: ActivePer...
    Alexey A Bostandjan
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  • HUR Journal full

    Hello guys, I am facing some issues with Hitachi Universal Replicator. It seems that the Journal pool was not calculated properly and it is now more that 85% full. As far as I know when it reaches 80% the IOs to the h...
    Victor Kodjabashev
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  • Looking for more information related to HQT 0050 certification exam

    looking for more information related to HQT 0050 certification online exam
    Mallikarjun Pv
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  • How could you implement paging with a template component?

    Hi all, this is a good Friday afternoon giggle..   We have a couple of use cases where we want to use the template component, but also want to utilise CDA paging.  (Essentially we want to be able to set pag...
    Dan Keeley
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  • HORCM inst X has failed to start

    We have HORCM 20 running as a service on a Windows 2008 R2 VM. After a recent reboot, the HORCM 20 service is stopping automatically. We have a shadowimage job that relies on it.   It was running fine for month...
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  • How to graphically represent dependencies in jobs/trasnformations?

    Hi Community! My question is in the middle between impact analysis and reverse engineering: I have a solution and I want to be able to connects dependent objects to their callers. I'm not interested in deep detail, n...
    Virgilio Pierini
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  • UNMAP for Windows volumes?

    Hello Team,   We have a physical server to which we have attacked 1 lun of a 1tb, it has a W2012r operating system. In a review we noticed that the used capacity shown is different from that shown in the storage...
    Jose Plaza
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  • Colour changing Rectangle box

    I am very new to CTools. I have a simple requirement of displaying a rectangle box in the dashboard . The box's background colour should change based on the value of an SQL query output. If SQL query outputs 1 then BC...
    Balaji Karthik Prabhakar
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  • Active Directory pass through authentication with HCP ReST interface?

    I have been using a local HCP account for authentication (ReST interface "Authorization: HCP xxx:xxx" header) because there was an issue at some point with active directory authentication. I remember something about H...
    Doug Toppin
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  • Is Your Future a Dystopia or Utopia?  A requirement for ecosystems of technology, talent and information

    Have you ever noticed that in every single movie depicting a dystopian future it’s raining, and every single umbrella is transparent?   Why transparent? It’s already a rough, overcrowded, and an appa...
    Paul Lewis
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  • Mail step: Using variable as destination address causes Invalid Address error when running scheduled task on Windows 7

    Just wondering if anyone else has come across this problem   I have a job that generates a user's email by getting the user who last modified an excel file. I then set this address as a variable called USER_EMAI...
    Dean Flinter
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  • Installing Pentaho 8.0 CE

    Hi there.. I have downloaded the mentioned file for Pentaho 8.0 ce version and placed on my linux machine. "pentaho-server-ce-" . I have installed postgres as well on same machine, as I want to run pentaho w...
    sagar barar
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  • Storage AMS 2100 Controller0 is "Detach" status.

    Hi Friends! I had received email alert from my AMS 2100 storage today.That alert below: Messages 01/15/2016 16:43:02 10 W01600 CTL alarm(CTL-0)           &#...
    olzhas suleimenov
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