• S3 compatible  - failed to connect

    Hi ,   I am trying to index files from Scality (using s3 compatible data connection). I am not able to connect to the bucket, and we are getting “failed to connect” error with 403 error code.  ...
    Snir Pollak
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  • How to FTP data from Object Source to Mainframe

    Hi Team,   We are working for Dataware house team.  One of or source system in our Bank are using Object Store (HCP) and are storing the data in the Object store.   Could some please let me know how c...
    narayana reddy
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  • Question: Is this "Recommended Multi-Path Settings " KB article really a good  practice for VMware multipathing ?

    This KB article   https://knowledge.hds.com/Knowledge/Storage/Reccomended_Multi-Path_settings_for_HDS_Storage   States:   1. Each HBA should only "see" one instance of each LUN.  This means if yo...
    Burhan Halilov
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  • HCP capacity calculations

    How does the capacity calculation in HCP Work. When configuring you only see the amount of disks, not the netto capacity that is available. How much is a G10 with 6x 10TB in each node for example? How much an S10? I h...
    Ronald Dijksterhuis
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  • End-to-End Infrastructure Performance Analysis of Hitachi Unified Compute Platform CI Simplified with Hitachi Infrastructure Analytics Advisor (HIAA)

    Hitachi Vantara has launched the new converged infrastructure Hitachi Unified Computing Platform CI (UCP CI). Today, I would like to introduce the performance analysis solution with UCP CI.   Hitachi Infrastructu...
    Koji Watanabe
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  • Integration Challenge Scoring Rubric

    The integration challenge is the culmination for everything your team has learned during our event.  While our individual product "tracks" have a defined objective, the integration challenge does not.  It do...
    Roguen Keller
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  • Event Prep Reading

    Are you someone who wants to get a jump on the event competition but don't know where to start? Event Schedule   The following is a list of labs that should prepare you nicely for the upcoming event.  Not...
    Roguen Keller
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  • Event Schedule

    Friday (11/3/17) 6:30 pm -  Arrival, Registration 7:30 pm - Opening briefing 8:00 pm - Codeathon Starts 10:00 pm - Hitachi employees leave for the day Saturday (11/4/17) 8:00 am - Codeathon Continues 12:00...
    Roguen Keller
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  • For z/OS users:FlashCopy or ShadowImage, and why?

    I'm just interested in why customers prefer one product over the other. Data set level copy is an obvious difference, so I'm thinking more along the lines of full volume applications.   I don't want to debate th...
    Ron Hawkins
    created by Ron Hawkins
  • Is there a white paper on HCP security architecture?

    Yes - click here ...and here: HCP Security and Protection (whitepaper)
    Amy Townsend
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  • GAD Command Device

    In a scenario, we have two command devices on a pair management server, a non-authenticated (used by TC pairs) and authenticated (created by GAD setup). While creating GAD pairs on the PMS thru RpM, replication failed...
    Sandeep Mittal
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  • How NVMe is Changing Data Center Networking: Part 2

    An In Depth Conversation with Cisco.  Welcome back! (Yes, I was waiting for this opportunity to show my age with a Welcome Back Kotter image).   For those of you that haven’t been following along in...
    Nathan Moffitt
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  • HCP AW silent install on Windows?

    Do someone have the info about how to package HCP AW Windows client that will make the installation totally silent?
    Mikael Zetterberg
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  • HCI to PDI & PDI to HCI Connectivity?

    We have several solutions that are being developed and it is starting to look like we need bi-directional connectivity between HCI and PDI.    I think that as of v1.2 of HCI there is a JDBC connector and I ...
    Michael Hay
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  • HCI 1.2.0 release notes

    Roguen Keller
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  • Hitachi Vantara:  What’s in a Name? Ask IT

    At 9:15 am PDT, on September 19, 2017, with a click of button, Higashihara-san, President and CEO of Hitachi Ltd unveiled the name of a new Hitachi Company; Hitachi Vantara at the Hitachi Next 2017 event in Las Vegas....
    Hu Yoshida
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  • HCP Security and Protection (whitepaper)

    An Overview of Server Security and Protection.   This paper focuses on the various security features built into HCP Cloud Storage software to protect data access and secure communications. These features are des...
    Michael Ratner
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  • HCP RESTful APIs (used by Document Viewer on Developer Assets tab)

    HCP RESTful APIs: Developer Documentation and Sample Code   HCP supports the following RESTful APIs: HCP REST (Hitachi REST API) HCP HS3 (Amazon S3 compatible REST API) HSwift (OpenStack Swift compatible REST...
    Michael Ratner
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  • Experience with COBOL programs calling to JAVA for HCP API REST?

    I have a case porting a owner user application in z/OS and COBOL with PDF's repository in DB2. We like to do the ingest and PDF recovery from HCP and I'm looking for experiences in similar scenario. The core of applic...
    Francisco Munoz
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  • HCP SDK support for metadata ingest for object and metadata query

    HCP SDK gave me good understanding of performing GET/PUT/DELETE/HEAD operations. However i could not able to get proper documentation related to custom metadata processing and query using metadata.   Is HCP SDK ...
    srinivas M
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