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Juan Lozano
Hello its posible to get a temporal file .lic for test Hitachi Data ingestor on vmware?   regards
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Claudio HAACK
Hi! Could someone give the correct HDS Extranet address as I have tried "" with no success.Best Regards!!!
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Ahmet Kececiler
Hello all, We just get UCP HC Quanta Appliance for demo. We powered up the appliance and now we need root passwords for VMware . Appliance is pre-installed and we could not find the default passwords. Need some help.
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mhamed bou
After the installation failed from the GUI, i manage to install HDS on the client, now while setting up my client from the GUI and when i browse the VM folders in order to add files and directories, it said "Check Event management" and in the log i found the following : 2193 322700   07/19 15:34:15 ### pool/CvSessionPool.cpp(1119): -Debug-:… (Show more)
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Gaston Marion
How can i do... Turn the security switch on??? because i have a problem with 201222 106075 error number!!! please help me! thanks
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John News
I can not find SNM2 Cli in and I've no access to Anyone please put the Storage Navigator 2 Cli to a public FTP to download. Thanks.
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Dongmin Kim
Hi guys.   I need help. I want to setup Hi-track in Quanta T41S 2U server but I don't know anything   How to download Hi-track and manual? And How to use Hi-track?  Please help me   Thanks
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gobinath palanisamy
Hi   We are trying to open Tuning manager from HiCommand Suite. But we are getting below error,   KAPM08011-E Your session is invalid. Logout, and then login again.
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