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Shailender Choudhary
Hello Friends,   I have few mission critical hosts whose performance(Response time and transfer data) need to be checked timely. I want to script or set email monitor in case usage is above the threshold. We have a Tunning manager in place too but I am not able to find threshold alerting. Please suggest me how can I monitor the performance using… (Show more)
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Martin Thorpe
Apple 10.12.5 fails to connect to server via smb or cifs it worked in 10.12.4 the server is Hitachi NAS (HNAS) and we are running code version 12.3.3826.14, it just hangs trying to connect at the stage just before the login window appears.
in Storage Systems
Balz Aschwanden
We have a hard to reproduce issue with some of our macOS Clients using smb2 and smb3.   Users can edit and create files then all of a sudden, the lose the right to a certain directory or file. It's the "all of a sudden" part that makes it difficult to debug.   However, I noticed that turning of ntfs streams on the client seems to resolve this… (Show more)
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Syahal Arip
Hi Masters, Our customer have 2 clusters HNAS 4060. One cluster at DC and another one at DRC, We have created the replication through File Replication on HNAS and it works. The problem comes when we want to failback the file replication from DR to DC. We have no idea how to configure the failback file replication on HNAS. If we do the failback… (Show more)
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Viet Mai Thanh
Hi Everyone,   I have problem when i turn G200 on, the message shown: "Power on in process" and then "Controller can not boot". There is no data in G200 so i decided to reset he to factory mode. Anyone can show me step by step  to reset G200 into factory mode. Thank you in advance.
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Aman Kumar
Hi Experts,   I got a question: Currently i'm planning to relocate G200,  HUS 150 from one DC to NEW DC. As i need to shutdown the storage and split the controller and shelves. my question is : should i remove the drives from shelves and labeled them and at new site, re-insert as per my label. Is this good approach ? or do i leave the drives… (Show more)
in Storage Systems
What's the easiest migration path from HNAS to HUS with standard NFS and CIFS shares? Looking for built-in or existing tools besides 3rd party like securecopy,rsync etc...
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Fred Zandberg
On a HNAS how do you read migrated data from a local Data migrator instance (target) without recalling it to the source (both storage pools on same HNAS)
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Christian Sheldrick
The target FS was used for another replication that is no longer used and I want to use it again for a target to another FS but I get this error "HNAS Object replication test failed: No Base line snapshot could be established between the source and the target file system. Verify that the replication policy specifies the correct target file system"… (Show more)
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