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Michael Bannon
Hi, We are implementing a product called Varonis to monitor for crypto activity from a specific user on Windows file shares. Varonis can trigger actions such as running scripts that will disable the account and disconnect the SMB session. Windows file share servers can be acted upon using PowerShell scripts to disconnect the user’s session and… (Show more)
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Tony Huynh
Hi team,   A fourth in the "Circle of Trust" series of podcasts/webinars - this time a 15 minute conversation w Gary Hemminger, Director of Product Management on how the VSP Foundation & Advanced Foundation SW packages make it simple for customers - to deploy, manage, and achieve SLO's for their data centers.   Oh, and by the way, all they have… (Show more)
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Tony Ortiz
I'm getting the following error when trying to add HNAS to ADS. Has anyone seen this. Thanks     ITAR-EVS0[evs1]:$ cifs-name add -m ads -a -p itar-nas Adding name(s) to ADS domain   Please enter account with administrative rights in domain. User name: !tony.j.ortiz Password:… (Show more)
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Alan Kaya
Hello ALL,   We are moving our racks to a different location. One of the racks have our Hitachi AMS 2100 and USP VMS and on a same rack. This is a standard 19 inch rack.     At the new location, does it  have to be in the same rack? Is it OK to move Hitachi storage devices without moving Hitachi own rack?   Let me know if you have any… (Show more)
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Cesar Becerra
I have a question regarding  HNAS EVS best practice.What is best practice when it comes to setting up CIFS?  Do most HNAS customers setup one CIFS name per EVS, or do they setup several CIFS and than just manage the rights?     Thanks     .Cesar
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Raghu P
Hello All, From HUS 130, we have assigned storage to windows 2012 server and created mount paths in server for backup application (CommVault) purpose. After the deleting the data in mount paths, storage space is not updating in HUS 130 storage.As per my knowledge, we need to run ZPR to reclaim the space but following are my queries.   1) Do we… (Show more)
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Neil Salamack
Per IDC’s Copy Data Management Challenge, “65% of storage system capacity is used to store non-primary, inactive data”. In fact, Inactive data residing on flash is the single biggest threat to the ROI of data center modernization initiatives. As my friends and I get older we often find ourselves talking about “right-sizing”, or moving to a… (Show more)
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Hi all, I'd like to understand the difference in terms of performance between eager zeroed vs lazy zeroed allocation in VMware, when deploying datastores on an HDP pool based on VSP. From my point of view, eager zeroed should not give any benefit considering that all writes go to VSP cache, so it makes no sense to waste disk space leaving empty… (Show more)
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Alejandro Duran Franquiz
Hi guys I'm looking for best practice connection for Hyper V with HUS 150 and HUS VM systems. I need to confirm all setting must be configure on the host groups of systems HUS 150 and HUS VM to connect to a HyperV cluster using CSV.
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Jill Ross
In a previous blog, we discussed the necessity for companies to embrace the digital transformation challenge in order to achieve next levels of growth, and specifically how they need to address fundamental challenges with routine operations such as storage configuration and management processes.   Now, as we peel the onion back, we realize that… (Show more)
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