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Abhilash Sitaram
What is the raid comm command for setting QoS(IOPS Threshold)in LUN level using CCI or Is there a way in achieving the same in GUI.
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Javier Avila Nieto
Hi guys,   I'm looking for configuration guidelines with Brocade and VSP G (Port configuration, Virtual Fabric...)   Thanks in advance,
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I upgraded a server from ESXi 6.0 to 6.5.  When I did this, I lost 12 out of my 17 LUNs. In going over the errors in the vmkernel.log I saw the error "Failed to add legacy uid XXXX on path XXXX Already exists"  In looking at which volumes did not come back, lo and behold they had two LUN IDs based off the different paths.    Here's an example:  … (Show more)
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Pham Quoc Cuong
Dear all, I have a VSP G200 system storage,  12 servers connect to  the Storage the currently, I have one host group include all WWN of servers connect to storage Now, I need split WWN of 2 servers in existing  host group and create new host group. How to modify a Host Group without remove access to the LUNS?
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Hi, Can anyone please let me know what is the use of using SSID in VSP box. What is the main purpose of using it? Need help....
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Jean-Francois Boucher
Hi ! Since few days, we got new messages in our controllers :   06/07/2017 14:34:15 00 I14200 System copy failed(Unit-00,HDU-03)                                                    :HDU   /STRC 06/07/2017 14:33:04 00 I14000 System copy started(Unit-00,HDU-03)                                                               06/07/2017 13:56:32 00… (Show more)
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Fred Zandberg
On a HNAS how do you read migrated data from a local Data migrator instance (target) without recalling it to the source (both storage pools on same HNAS)
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Hareesh K P
I am getting frequent alerts from HNAS regarding the EVS communication errors to the domain controllers. While checking in the HNAS connectivity. I see that there are no issues in the DC as well and the polling time of each DC is withing 7ms using the command cifs-dc list -v. Could you please help me out on investigating the alert more in detail,… (Show more)
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