• How many arrays support one SVP instance?

    I saw in the update presentation following statement one year ago: "Single instance SVP SW support up to 8 arrays (Dec 2016)" Is this supported now? When yes, only the virtual SVP or both virtual and physical SVP? ...
    Michael Hack
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  • Disable SMBv1 and can't authenticate to Active Directory

    Hi all,   I have a HNAS F1140 (two nodes) currently has system version at 5.0.0. The CIFS service currently has SMB 2.0 enable. Because of the wannacry risk, we recently disable SMBv1 from Windows Windows 2012 R...
    Thinh Tran
    created by Thinh Tran
  • SNM2 Account Authentication Enable/Disable

    We have several AMS/HUS arrays that had a varying configuration of the "Account Authentication" license enabled/disabled.   With the Account Authentication Enabled two arrays of the fifteen are limited in manage...
    created by NCS UNIX
  • Remove HNAS from Domain

    Wanted to see if anyone has experience removing HNAS from ADS domain and adding it to new domain.   Thanks
    Tony Ortiz
    created by Tony Ortiz
  • Do you track volumes in a spreadsheet?

    I've seen places where storage admins track all volumes in a spreadsheet.  Some places don't and just rely on StorageNav or Command Suite to track volumes.  How do you roll?   Do you track volumes in a...
    Andrew c Hall
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  • where can I find an on board sms-provider download for hus 150

    Looking to add our two HUS 150 ARRAYS into solarwinds Storage Resource monitor. Saw an article about on-board HDS  SMS-I provider included with VSP, wondered where I could get it for the HUS's. I an HUS newbie. &...
    Benita Benita
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  • Shared Host Group vs Separate Host Groups configuration for Hyper-V cluster

    Hi all! I need you help to figure out that is the best way (or most correct way) how to perform LUN provisioning to Hyper-V cluster.   We have Gx00 system, HCS 8.5 and four Windows 2012 R2 Hyper-V hosts connect...
    Dmitrijs Demidovs
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  • Create V-Vol from CCI

    Hi All,   I'm looking for a way to automate my V-Vol creation process. Currently I have 2 HUS VM for production and DR. I recently updated Command Suite to v8.1. Steps below are how I create volumes. Is anyone k...
    Haluk Kocaman
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  • HUS130 Reclaim Zero Pages

    Hello, We have a HUS 130. I have a volume dedicated to one Windows VM server and presented to VMware as a datastore for this VM server to exclusively use. VMware is reporting the datastore as over-provisioned (689gb ...
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  • Migrate HCS7 Logical Groups to HCS8

    We currently have an HCS7 server running on Solaris 10. We have set up a new HCS8 server on a different host running on Linux Redhat 6.9. HCS7 Version: 7.5.0-05 HCS8 Version: 8.5.2-01   Is there any way to mi...
    Rick von Richter
    created by Rick von Richter
  • Connecting HDCS with Active Directory

    I am on my first install with HDCA. In the user guide is section to add users from A/D to the management server. but I cant find anyplace where we point the HSDA server to the A/D domain.   How / where is this...
    Chuck b Strickland
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  • horcm instance getting failed.No remote host alive for remote commands or Remote Raid Manager might be blocked (sleeping) on an existing I/O

    Hi All,   We are getting an error as below while checking pairdisplay command: " horcm instance getting failed.No remote host alive for remote commands or Remote Raid Manager might be blocked (sleeping) on an e...
    Anand Gaiki
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  • tuning manager - health check

    I've lost my tuning manager expert and I'm trying to get a health check on a VSP array from HiCommand/device manager. When I bring up the screen it clearly says: There is no cooperating agent. Refresh the storage sys...
    Bruce Kirkland
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  • Tuning manager on HCM V 8

    I have couple of questions on the Tuning Manager setup on the HCS V 8. Background: I upgraded from HCS 7.6 to 8.01 on Windows 2008 server, all components are updated to V8 I think that TM is partially working but i ...
    Fazil Saiyed
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  • Disk info?

    Hello all,   Looking for suggestions on how to determine the following for HDS VSP G1000, HDS USPVM, HDS HUS150: Number of disks in the storage array Speed of disk Size of disk Type of disk (i.e. SAS, NL SAS...
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  • Dynamic Tiering best practices

    I am new to this tiering and just trying to understand the best way to implement dynamic tiering in our customer environment. Are there any best practices document on tiering implementation?   Here is an examp...
    Saver Ur
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  • HDT with three Tiers - High RG utilization on SSD tier

    Hi Colleagues I am sure we have had multiple discussions w.r.t to HDT and how it works, I have an understanding of how it works in general but I just wanted to share some details and get some feedback from the commun...
    Rahul Bhat
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  • HDT - what constitutes a new tier?

    Hi,   I have an HDT pool on a VSP containing: Tier 1 - 600GB 10K SAS in 2*(R1(2+2))concat Tier 2 - 3TB 7.2K SATA in R6(6+2)   There is an HDP pool that is now unused (was used for HNAS system drives) con...
    Paul Parris
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  • Dynamic Tiering (HDT) Tier Utilization

    Is there a way to push data down storage pool tiers to allow the additional spindles in lower tiers to activate and provide additional performance?   Here is the example:   HDP Pool - 680TB Total Usable Ca...
    Kris Queen
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  • HUS 110 DP Pool/DP Vol questions

    I'm a first time to administering anything except NFS connected NetApp storage, let alone a HUS 110 specifically.  I've been reading through the Provisioning guide, older posts here, other forums, and some VMware...
    Evan M
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