• How does Hitachi storage work with operating systems?

    I have a question about how storage works in Hitachi. From a G1000 I have provisioned a server with a lun of 1 tb, the server used the lun for its operating system C: \ 100 gb and for D: \ the remaining gb which are ...
    Jose Plaza
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  • How to query the contents of a drive

    Hi All, Sorry to bother, I’m a bit stuck. First time I’ve asked a question and I hope you can help please. We have a 3090 HNAS platform.   I want to query the contents of a rather large CIFS Filesys...
    Charles Ault
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  • Anyone has a HCS monitoring a mainframe agent?

    I have Hitachi command suite and Tuning Manager runing on a windows server. I alredy setup the mainframe agent: (CLI) - Registering the mainframe host in Device Manager - Registering the Mainframe Agent running on...
    Carlos Perez Silva
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  • What is Mapped Capacity in a G1000 HDP pool?

    We have several G1000's with HDP Pools. They are all configured the same way (FMD, R5(3+1)), 4 Pool Vols from each raid group.  All Pool Vols show the same usable capacity which I would expect. Mapped capacity is...
    David Marsh
    created by David Marsh
  • Cli Command to get the ldev which was unshared before 2 days.

    Need to delete the zero path ldevs and which should be unshared before more than two days
    Arun Kumar Jayaraj
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  • Modifying G1000 MIB

    Does anyone know where I can get instructions on modifying the G1000/G1500 MIB file?
    David Marsh
    created by David Marsh
  • add host to HGLM

    Hello     We are trying to use HGLM. I did everything what was in guide for VMware. Installed HDLM to host. Every test that i run with vsphere cli is ok. We are using vmware 6.5. and also use HCS. I've ins...
    Leon Strunjak
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  • Enable Embedded SMIS and Configure for VSP G400/G800

    Hi Team, Please share a document with procedure to enable smis for hitachi vsp g-series devices. 1. Enable smis for g series devices. 2. Enable ports 5989 & 5988 3. Create credentials to access embedded smis p...
  • read trace file

    How to read a trace file (*.dat) from AMS system provided by customers  ?
    William Chesneau
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  • How to calculate real size of PG in Blocks?

    Hello, I've created PG using four drives (3D1P).   # raidcom get parity_grp -IH1 T GROUP  Num_LDEV  U(%)  AV_CAP(GB) R_LVL  R_TYPE SL  CL  DRIVE_TYPE R 7-1   0 0  ...
    Maksym Tatarenko
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  • What are the requirements for pool-Vols to expand DP Pool?

    I would like to know the exact requirements for Pool Volumes that can be used to increase DP Pool capacity by adding the volumes to the pool.   I've found some informations in Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Pr...
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  • How to breakdown NAA for HDS

    Hello everyone, I need some help to breakdown NAA for HDS. The new ID as it appears in my host looks like the following: MPIO\DISK&VEN_HITACHI&PROD_OPEN-V&REV_5001\1&7F6AC24&0&36303645383031...
    Dave Mustain
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  • SMI-S Provider in AMS 2100

    How to configure SMI-S Provider in AMS 2100. Kindly help
    Murugesan Tech
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  • G1500 @ with compression - HUR question

    G1500 @ with compression - HUR question : we are planning to purchase G1500 with compression enabled, currently we have 500tb on our existing array out of which  we have 400tb being replicated. so with G1500 ( ...
    vijay KALVEMULA
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  • Data migration from Netapp to Hitachi

    HI,   I have to migrate data ( NAS and SAN based) from Netapp to HDS. How can I do it? WHat details should i consider? Can i use any tool to do it?   Please help
    Manu vijh
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  • Gxx Capacity Savings

    I'm a bit confused a about a sentence in the latest "Provisioning Guide for Hitachi Virtual Storage Platform Gx00 and Fx00 Models" manual, page 39   " Use only controller-based compression: The storage controller...
    Joao Serra
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  • AMS2100 Email Notifications - Alert Types

    Hi Team, We use a AMS2100 in our organisation. We installed Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular to on a Windows Machine and I successfully configured to send email notifications. Just not able to find what type of ale...
    Ace Elsheikh
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  • HSU 130 and backup configuration

    Hello! How i can backup configuration my HUS 130? Thanks!
    Vladimir Pshenichnov
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  • Process for HDS to EMC OR Migration?

    We are doing a HDS to EMC migration using EMC's Open Replicator. Does anyone have experience with this process from the HDS perspective? Are their any inherent challenges such a the NAA or UID issue? -- The OR process...
    Thomas Berry
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  • cow information

    Hi to all,   in our infrastructure we are using cow snapshots we use cli with horcm configuration more and more time. I would ask to the comunity some  information about this type of local replication: ...
    Alessandro Narzisi
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