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gnana sekar
Hi Experts,   We are doing POC in our environment and I would like to understand how can i get the performance data from Hitachi VSP.   I had discussed with Storage Team and he suggested me they do have some REST API function to collect the performance data and integrate with Splunk Server but truly m not much sure. can anyone help me how can I… (Show more)
in Performance and Sizing
JaeMin Kim
Hello, all. I'm JaeMin.   Why does this message occured? " DP Pool warning threshold was exceeded "   In fact, Server use less than half of it.   How should we explain to customer? (We are using the purpose of VTL.)      
in Performance and Sizing
Muhammad Amir Jabran
Hi to all friends!   I Have created a LUN on hitachi VSP G200 Size 2 TB. (Thin Provisonn [DP]). Presented it on Vmware Esxi 6.0 U3 as FC When i create VM and Clone it within Same DataStore(FC 2TB LUN) at vmware ESXi they give me excellent IOPs and completed the activity in short time.   But when i create VM and Install OS on it (RHEL 5.6… (Show more)
in Performance and Sizing
Shailender Choudhary
Hello Friends,   I have few mission critical hosts whose performance(Response time and transfer data) need to be checked timely. I want to script or set email monitor in case usage is above the threshold. We have a Tunning manager in place too but I am not able to find threshold alerting. Please suggest me how can I monitor the performance using… (Show more)
in Performance and Sizing
Tech Bud
Hi All,   Could anyone let me know how to get the performance reports for HUS devices which we have in different sites as similarly we are now generating for VSP through HTnM. We may add all these arrays in HTnM but we have bandwidth restriction, So if we add all of them we are in danger as the HTnM will become very slow and as the performance… (Show more)
in Performance and Sizing