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Daniel Kleeman
Hi, we are interested in monitoring the performance of a G200 storage device. The performance guide ( refers to Hitachi Performance Monitor. This sounds ideal but I cannot locate the software to download. I do not particularly want to use HTnM and we do not have a licence for it. 
in Performance and Sizing
Joao Serra
Hi. Can someone share compression ratios seen on systems running FMD DC2 pools, feeding an Oracle 11g (or any other DB) environment? We are getting a 45% saving and can't actually say if its a good or bad number.   Regards. JS
in Performance and Sizing
Neil Esposito
Is there any document that discusses best practice for RAID on FMD DC2? I know everyone is saying RAID-5 but I need a document to show a customer why. I also know the MTBF is greater on FMD because of the write algorithms and being solid stare. help!
in Performance and Sizing
Michael Reiber
How do judge how many nodes you need to meet a performance requirement with HCP?
in Performance and Sizing
Greg Crosswhite
Does anyone know if Hitachi plans to start collecting Read/Write response rate for the RAID_PI_PTS agent? I would like to query this information via the REST api.  The columns are there, but are '0' filled.
in Performance and Sizing
Michael Ratner
This how-to guide describes the main steps to obtain, install, configure and run the COSBench performance benchmark tool. It explains basic concepts, provides some recommendations, and gives specific examples of typical HCP workloads for reference.
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Zeljko Dzakic
Hi all,   Is there a quick way in Tuning Manager (or elsewhere)  to find luns that consume most of the MP power for a given period. I managed to find this in real time but not sure for historical reports.   Any advices where to look at ? Our enviroment is based on VSP's and we have CS 8.3.
in Performance and Sizing
Hi,   Does can any explain how do we can size the bandwidth for Array base Remote Replication as we need to provide this information to ISP provider..     Distance : 1250 Kilometers   Regards, Seenivasan P
in Performance and Sizing