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Marcela Yanza
Hi, I'm working on my thesis and I'm trying to implement this escenario on Pentaho Schema Workbench As you can see MATERIA_DOCENTE is a bridge table that is linked to the fact table FACT_EVALUACION_ANUAL but dimensions DOCENTE and MATERIA aren't linked to fact table. Also, I've created a primary key on the fact table called FACT_PK… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
Bill Moore
While using the jobStatus endpoint, the images generated by the jobImage webservice are garbled. I'm running BA Server 7.1 on CentOS 7.  What do I need to install/configure to get the images to render correctly?   Thanks! Bill
in Pentaho Server
Matheus Figueiredo
I've created simple transformation in PDI/Kettle that reads a spreadsheet from Google Drive and send results to a Copy Rows to Result step. Works like a charm in PDI, but when I upload to BI Server and call it from a CDE Dashboard I get the following error:   Can't run transformation due to plugin missing   That makes sense since the step to… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
sagar barar
Hi there.. I have downloaded the mentioned file for Pentaho 8.0 ce version and placed on my linux machine. "pentaho-server-ce-" . I have installed postgres as well on same machine, as I want to run pentaho with postgres DB. But I am unable to find further steps to install the server. Is there anyone in the community, who has successfully… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
Wolfram Broszies
Hi, whenever I am trying to add data to a dashboard, the User Consule freezes and only shows the spinning wheel.   We are working with a freshly installed Pentaho Server: installed on a Debian VM (clean install, setup ten days ago, only for this very purpose) Pentaho installation file used was To replicate:… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
Robert b Barker
I am trying to install and run Pentaho Community Edition 8 on the Centos 7 Linux distribution. All instructions I can find seem to be out of date. Is there a current set of instructions for installing, configuring and starting CE 8?   I have gotten as far as downloading and unzipping:… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
Tanweer Siddiqui
Dear All,   I have to install Saiku from Market place but no luck.   On clicking Home -> Market place -> i get below message. No plugin found that matched your criteria.   My OS is Win10 Enterprise & Java 1.8 installed.   Please advice..   Thanks,
in Pentaho Server
Aslee Guirola
Hi, comino. Today isntale pentaho-server-ce- and I execute perfectly. but when you change  MS SQL Server as Your Repository Database (Use MS SQL Server as Your Repository Database (Manual Installation) - Pentaho Documentation ) does not work and returns this error… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
Otmar Pereira Junior
Hello,   Currently I'm evaluating Pentaho 8.0 CE and tried to install a new language pack via market place. However, no plugins are available. I suspected it was a proxy issue and then tried to change satrt-pentaho.bat file to include http proxy details with -Dhttp.proxyHost, -Dhttp.proxyPort, -Dhttp.proxyHost, -Dhttps.proxyHost,… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
Meena k
I am trying to add Pivot4J plugin in my pentaho deployment.  I am able to start Wildfly server and successfully deploy Pentaho 8.0 manually.  When I deploy the application there are exceptions but when I login to pentaho the following Exception 1 is thrown and when I click the Pivot4J menu in my Pentaho home page Exception 2 is thrown.  I have… (Show more)
in Pentaho Server
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