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Fernando Olvera
Hello everyone, I made a model in weka 3.8.2 and i used distributedwekspark package to use mllib algorithms, so when i tried to load the model into pentaho data integration 7.1 with weka-scoring step this didn't load the model becuase PDI has weka 3.8.0.   I was wondering is possible update the weka of pentaho in order to use weka >= 3.8.2 or… (Show more)
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Will Hampson
Stopped working across multiple machines on Feb 14 2018. Just migrating to a new datacenter ?
in ML & Data Mining
Alden Calius
Hi, using weka 3.8.2 with timeseries forecast plugin. I have a satisfying config using the GUI, but I just cannot find the way to run it from the command line. Also if I load a saved model I have "re-evaluate model" grayed out so it takes long time to set it up each time. Best would be running from command line as other weka functions. Any… (Show more)
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Mark Hall
Hi everyone!     New versions of Weka are available for download from the Weka homepage:     Weka 3.8.2 - stable version. It is available as ZIP, with Win32 installer, Win32 installer incl. JRE 1.8.0_152, Win64 installer, Win64 installer incl. 64 bit JRE 1.8.0_152 and Mac OS X application with Oracle 64 bit JRE 1.8.0_152.   Weka 3.9.2 -… (Show more)
in ML & Data Mining
John Halfyard
I'm presently taking a WEKA data mining online course and the course has a section on using R inside WEKA.  I'm having problems seeing R within the WEKA platform.  I'm using a 64-bit Windows 7 Professional system.   I've done the following sucessfully: 1.  R x64 (unchecked x32 version) and the R desktop icon's target is "C:\Program… (Show more)
in ML & Data Mining
Saanvi Sharma
I'm due to take up a project which is into data mining. Before I jump in I wanted to probe around for different data mining tools (preferably open source) which allows web based reporting. In my scenario the data would be provided to me, so I'm not supposed to crawl for it. In a nutshell, I am looking for a tool which does - Data Analysis, Web… (Show more)
in ML & Data Mining