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olzhas suleimenov
Hi Friends! I had received email alert from my AMS 2100 storage today.That alert below: Messages 01/15/2016 16:43:02 10 W01600 CTL alarm(CTL-0)                                                                      :CTL  /CTRC 01/15/2016 16:43:02 10 HH7500 Backend link error was… (Show more)
in Hardware
Joko Fani Andrianto
Dear All,   I had a blade containing 2 VM. it's DC-APP01 and DC-ADC02 stored on LPAR. See the picture below   I trying to remote DC-ADC02 from java remote console like this picture : But there is no choice for me to entering DC-ADC01. The remote console will directly entering to DC-APP01 How to remote second server?   Thank you Joko… (Show more)
in Hardware
I'm using SMI-S API to retrieve the list of disk models. Unfortunately, SMI-S does not seem to provide the RPMs for the disk drives. I created a separate question for that: How to get Parity Group RPM via REST APIs?   For now, I would like to know the RPM for this specific disk model. Where can I find this information?   Is there a common place… (Show more)
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Valko Dzhankardashliyski
Hi all, i have few SAS drives akh450 which are from AMS 2000 series, which I have after and upgrade of the system. Is it possible to use them ona normal server HP Dell or some other brand servers? thank you in advance sincerely yours Valko Dzhankardashliyski
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Marco De Lellis
Hello everyone,   I managed to get a MIB file for the D51B-2U BMC (AST2400) from Quanta site, Quanta_RAC_0_08_final.mib.   While it is all I need for active checks, and capacity planning purposes, it lacks any reference to SNMP traps (SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.7244., and SNMPv2-SMI::enterprises.7244. branches of the OID tree).  … (Show more)
in Hardware
Hello All   Do you have any information about DWPD of FMD gen1 ? My customer have ask to me about comparing with FMD DWPD.   Thanks   Sean.Park
in Hardware
Andrea Palmate'
Good morning, i’ve buyed for my smal office a df600 rka unit with 15 Fiber Channel disks. My question is. In which way I can attach the unit to my proliant server? Do I need a specific controller? Can I use a generic fiber channel controller? Can you help me please? I’v tried to find some infos on internet but with no luck   Thank you.
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Duong Quoc Huy
Do any one know, what is data follow if a cache memory DIMM failed in USPV? Does it turn on write through mode ?
in Hardware
Can anyone tell me where i can find n-1 firmware versions details for HCP, HDI, HUS 130, HUS 150 and VSP G400. And also the EOL and EOS details for the same devices.   NOTE : I dont have support details for these devices as of now, so i cannot get these information from
in Hardware
Wesley Wesley
Hi all,   can you please help me, where I can find stencil for Hitachi Compute Blade 500?   Thanks.
in Hardware
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