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Sam Zee
What is the behavior of the G400 and G1500 arrays should an over-temp condition occur?   I've read the user guides about temperatures, but there is nothing noted about what the behavior will be should an over-temp condition occur. Does the array shut down? Does it just alarm and continue to run? Does support need to get involved in resetting the… (Show more)
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Shad McGrath
We're physically moving one of our clustered hnas heads to another location about a mile away. Current our 10 GBe cluster interconnects are direct connected. I was wondering if these had to stay that way or can they be added to our switched network.   My thoughts are I should be able to as long as the other hnas interconnect ports staying are put… (Show more)
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Walter Nadybal
How do I reset the default IP address of controller 1 from to We just replaced this controller and I need to change IP address to match controller 0. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thx Walt
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yuan song
I have a AMS2100 with 3 trays, the day before yesterday I find two disks in the 3th tray are detached, I replaced one of them and inserted a new one(from Hitachi supplier), after one and a half days the disk light changed to green, then I replaced another fault disk and inserted a new disk. It's so badlly, untill now all data in AMS2100 still… (Show more)
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Hi every body,   We do have an issue with HDS Thunder 9500 storage array.  We can not manage it. We can't connect into this array. We did try the default user/password as system/manager, root/storage, root/root. We did not succesfull. Does any body knows an other user/password ?   Thanks
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Wanjong Kim
Hi. experts.   When 1 controller fail on VSP G200,400,600,800 series, Will the status of cache changed to write through mode? - If status changed to write through mode, is it default setting of VSP Gx00? - Is there any options not change to write through mode? - If someone have any related document, please let me know.   thanks for help. have… (Show more)
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def head
Hi   We have a AMS500 with 13 expansion trays attached but recently we wanted to start again (re-arrange trays) so we powered down, removed all the cables and powered on with just the base controller. Now my problem is that I cannot manage the AMS500 through storage navigator as I receive the following error message from the maintenance port:  … (Show more)
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Sasa Markovic
Hi there I have some old AMS2100 Hitachi FC storage and it has one failed controller unit This wonderful email caused sysadmin oncall to wake me up at 5.30   04/20/2017 03:58:59 00 W01601 CTL alarm(CTL-1)                                                                      :CTL   /CTRC  04/20/2017 03:58:59 00 HH7501 Backend link error was… (Show more)
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