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Shad McGrath
We're physically moving one of our clustered hnas heads to another location about a mile away. Current our 10 GBe cluster interconnects are direct connected. I was wondering if these had to stay that way or can they be added to our switched network.   My thoughts are I should be able to as long as the other hnas interconnect ports staying are put… (Show more)
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Hi every body,   We do have an issue with HDS Thunder 9500 storage array.  We can not manage it. We can't connect into this array. We did try the default user/password as system/manager, root/storage, root/root. We did not succesfull. Does any body knows an other user/password ?   Thanks
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Wanjong Kim
Hi. experts.   When 1 controller fail on VSP G200,400,600,800 series, Will the status of cache changed to write through mode? - If status changed to write through mode, is it default setting of VSP Gx00? - Is there any options not change to write through mode? - If someone have any related document, please let me know.   thanks for help. have… (Show more)
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def head
Hi   We have a AMS500 with 13 expansion trays attached but recently we wanted to start again (re-arrange trays) so we powered down, removed all the cables and powered on with just the base controller. Now my problem is that I cannot manage the AMS500 through storage navigator as I receive the following error message from the maintenance port:  … (Show more)
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Sasa Markovic
Hi there I have some old AMS2100 Hitachi FC storage and it has one failed controller unit This wonderful email caused sysadmin oncall to wake me up at 5.30   04/20/2017 03:58:59 00 W01601 CTL alarm(CTL-1)                                                                      :CTL   /CTRC  04/20/2017 03:58:59 00 HH7501 Backend link error was… (Show more)
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Neil Esposito
Can I create a RAID set (14+2) from the same size drives (1.2TB-10K) but from different trays… DB60(10 drives) and DBS (6 drives)?
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Carlos Solas
Need to find an easy way to change passwords on admin and root account on all VSP AMS HUSvm and HUS arrays, maybe a script on CLI? Any ideas?
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Ronald Dijksterhuis
Since a while it is possible to configure an G series storage with "customer provided SVP Server" This is the service processor. Instead of the HDS delivered 1u server, a customer can use his own server. I can't find any specs about what this external SVP processor can be. A. What specs should the server have when an external serveri is used. And… (Show more)
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James Riley
One of our customer's auditor is demanding that we prove that their VSP G1000 encryption engine is at the same or higher microcode level as the one described in the NIST FIPS 140-2 certification for the G1000. The NIST document states that one of the microcode levels is Can anyone send me documentation that says that this is the same… (Show more)
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