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Dave Mustain
Hello everyone, I need to breakdown PnPDeviceID on my HDS. Does anyone know what is the method to do it. For example: MPIO\DISK&VEN_HITACHI&PROD_OPEN-V&REV_5001\1&7F6AC24&0&4849544143484920523530313035324631304330
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Al b Kaya
Hello ALL,   We currently have two Hitachi arrays: AMS2100 and USP VM. They are located in our datacenter.   We currently have no maintenance contract with Hitachi or any another warranty, etc. These hardware EOL anyways.   We are also NOT looking for any technical assistance.   We plan on moving our Hitachi arrays to a different datacenter we… (Show more)
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Legacy BlueArc
Originally posted by: guille.10 Hi All,   HNAS EVS has been deployed for only one ADS domain, in a short time all servers has to been migrated to another domain. For Windows serves ADMT tool has been used for domain migration successfully. How can EVS be migrated with minimal service interruption? Dynamic DNS is disabled, also NetBIOS is… (Show more)
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Hi every body,   We do have an issue with HDS Thunder 9500 storage array.  We can not manage it. We can't connect into this array. We did try the default user/password as system/manager, root/storage, root/root. We did not succesfull. Does any body knows an other user/password ?   Thanks
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Mario Lopez Sanchez
Hi! How can I activate the service "hbsa_service" in HDLM linux server to communicate with HGLAM? Thanks M.
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Steven Ruby
we have tried moving sfp's, moving DCX ports, dummy replace HUSVM sfp. the port CL1-A seems to be stuck as G-port and wont completely login to fabric.   anyone seen this before?
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Ern st Wolfsberger
Dear All,   We have G400 and 2x HUS-VM since the installation we see a lot of Critical Information (500per Day) and in the Logs we see also "Write Response Time (LDEV)" changed from Normal to Critical, my question is is it only decadence from the Threshold setting, or is it a major problem in the Raid Groups because we see this on 50 Raid Groups.
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Jes Holmstrup
Hi. Where can I download a setup/maintenance/ect. PDF for my AMS1000?   /Jes
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Fred Blantan
Hi,   Not sure this is the right place to ask this, but I have recently purchased a set of 5 used SAS drives from ebay that have been data wiped, and have stickers on them from Revert, as eradication complete.   The vendor that sold me these drives said that they needed the firmware re-installing, but other than that were fully functional and… (Show more)
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dhruv kalia
CAN YOU PLEASE let know   how to Turn SOM 654=ON as a interim solution. thanks D
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