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Beat Fuss
Does anyone have some experiences with HDID Version 5.x and Backupup Microsoft SQL Server Databases ? HDS have some installations Guides but the prerequisites of the SQL Server are missing. This includes the requirement like the system Users on DB's, the feature pack, some SQL Service that must run, etc....   Are there any Guides für this SQL… (Show more)
in Data Protection
Hubert Largado
I have already configured the REPOSITORY server for Hitachi Block Storage. I've created administrator account "storeadmin" in VSP. I've also created administrator account "storeadmin" in REPOSITORY server. I installed and configured CCI in REPOSITORY server. I changed to allow "storedmin" to Physical Drives. I can access the VSP through RAIDCOM in… (Show more)
in Data Protection
Pratheesh R
One of my volume shows S-Vol disabled in Data retention. I need to change to add it as HUR S-Vol. Could you please share me the CCI command to enable S-Vol. I could see an option to change it from Storage Navigator. But would like to see how to change it from CCI
in Data Protection
didier bournet
Hi all, I would like to know how to convert the "SPLT-TIME" of snapshot (Thin) ? I tried to convert it by a  timestamp  converter but the expected date is not the good one (03/10/1970 - see below).   [root@lsc1i127 dib]# raidcom get snapshot -ldev_id 00:80:5d -IH127 SnapShot_name                    P/S   STAT  Serial# LDEV#  MU# P-LDEV# … (Show more)
in Data Protection
Bobby Lee
Error while performing a fast incremental resynchronization of 'sdc-fs1' to 'FileServersREPO Batch Filesystem Deduplicated' on 'SDC-BACKUP'. Out of order directory entries received   Thats the error I get on the master node
in Data Protection
Fazil Saiyed
I been having issue creating pairs via replication manager V 8.2, command suite 8.2 in windows environment. In our environment we have four servers with horcm files primary horcm server where i update the files is HUR\HICMD servers paired between prod and DR site We also have SRM server pair where horcm resides, the error indicated i cannot (… (Show more)
in Data Protection
Bruce Kirkland
I'm new to the g800 so forgive my confusion.  In the  past if I needed more space in a journal I just added a device(s). Now it appears I only really get 1 device. I'm fairly sure of the size but if I get it wrong, can I expand ? Or for that matter shrink.
in Data Protection
Igor Shkonda
Hello! Can any one please explain what is the difference bettween CCI Group and Consistency Group in HUR and specify any docs where I can read the explanation.   What is the best practice to use each of them?   Thnak you.
in Data Protection
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