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Kesara Weerathunga
After binding the firmware to the blade server I tried starting the LP service. But after searching for firmware it always fail at     Error: Could not get loader image size from Management Module, error code:[0xXXXX]. Please check network connection with management module and network settings. XXXX: EFI Status code   What could be the… (Show more)
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Wesley Wesley
Hi all,   I have chassis cb2500 that's installed some lpars. So, in this case I have some lpars with different vlan ( I use a port onboard to generate vnic for every lpar). In DBC I've config trunk port, but lpars still can not connect to local network. I've asked some networks engineers, they suggest me to tag vlan in lpars side. so, my… (Show more)
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Seung Woo Cho
Hi there,   I want to get the environmental information; Power consumption and heat output(BTU) of UCP HC V120F(D52B-1U). There is no information even QCT homepage. Is there anybody can help me?
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Wildan Abdat
Does LPAR currently support for OVF/OVA import? or any roadmaps perhaps?
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Jill Ross
Have you noticed? Things are getting smaller (… except phone screens!) and faster (…except the traffic here in Silicon Valley!).   Galaxy NGC6946 (Hubble Space Telescope) - far away in space, and time!   Today (Sept. 19, 2017) we announced the next generation of our Unified Compute Platform converged infrastructure product, UCP CI.  The first… (Show more)
Winter is here. For you G.O.T. fans, you know what I’m talking about. With all the buzz around the season finale of Game of Thrones and now the dreaded “show hole”, I have plenty of free time to contemplate the possible outcomes and potential benefits of single pane of glass visibility for Westeros. I’ll admit, it’s a bit of stretch. Please hear… (Show more)
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Where can I find detailed description of the PCIe bus specs and layouts of the CR220H server chassis? I need to make sure that I balance LAN and SAN traffic across the PCIe slots. I've found the datasheet an dbasic specs which list the quantity of slots and their types and sizes, and I've found the CR220H user's guide... ...but none of this… (Show more)
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