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Martin Borjesson
Hi,   Im trying to copy a set of files with hcpdm and the command looks like this:   hcpdm copy -s "LFS" -d "Helium log ARKIV" --source-path "Z:" --destination-path "/barmab/" "C:\Apps\HeliumToArchive.txt" --export-results-path C:\temp\mb --export-results "FAILURE"   but im getting this error   " Z:\ ,Z:\  is not readable Z:\ÿþz \ t e s t \… (Show more)
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qiao xu
We have a physical HCP running, Serial number: 11463 what's the model of this server? actually I want to know its specification like processor,memory info the server is not located in my office, in remote branch instead thanks
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Emanuel b Silva
I worked for an hds partner and had the hcp anywhere installed , then left and removed the app, but I can’t remove the profile certificate from the iPhone. Can you help, please.   regards   Emanuel
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Seccad Caglayan
Hii I have POC about Hitachi Anywhere and I want to convert one of my old server (VMDK) to double cluster server is it possible or I need to delete everything and start again and also lost all of the data
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Jeff Lundberg
These days, companies don’t just struggle with the barrage of regulations coming in rapid succession, but where and how to store the data to ensure compliance. This twofold data challenge is putting tremendous strain on traditional (and outdated) storage methods – especially for heavily regulated industries such as banking, healthcare and telecom.… (Show more)
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Julian Andrews
It's necessary for us to audit file system activity generated by end users (file/folder created/opened/modified/deleted/renamed, etc) and pull this into a 3rd party application. I don't see this functionality mentioned in any of the HCP documentation. Is this readily available or at least in the roadmap?
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Govanna Flores
Unsurprisingly – a new strain of a ransomware recently made its way the globe last month, hitting Spain, Germany, Russia, France, the UK, and US, with the largest impact being felt by companies in the Ukraine. This strain, was identified as Petya (reportedly using the same EternalBlue exploit that was witnessed in last month’s “WannaCry”… (Show more)
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Richard Lund
I would like to access two different HCPAW setups, and sync them into separate folders on my computer.
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Aaron Smith
So, I'm working on setting up HCI and HCP Log Collector and I'm running into an issue when trying to get the HCP Log Collector to connect to the HCP nodes to collect the logs. I ran a packet capture on the server that I have the Log Collector installed on to see what the network flow looked like but no traffic is generated when I run hcplogs. The… (Show more)
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