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qiao xu
Hi followed administering HCP to configure ad authenticated HCP7, there are 2DCs(one windows2003,one windows2016) in my domain,so created 2certificates(each DC generate one) in Domains and Certificates page, create 2domain controller type certificates(each DC generate one) in Authentication page,choose Active Directory with SSL check Enable… (Show more)
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Michael Reiber
The customer has a requirement to upload/archive data directly to the HCP.  The requirement (as I know it right now) is for unstructured data.  I know you can do this from the windows command line, but I was looking for a tool that would be simpler and provide more functionality (like automatic adding of meta data to files being uploaded). I see… (Show more)
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Aaron Smith
So, I'm working on setting up HCI and HCP Log Collector and I'm running into an issue when trying to get the HCP Log Collector to connect to the HCP nodes to collect the logs. I ran a packet capture on the server that I have the Log Collector installed on to see what the network flow looked like but no traffic is generated when I run hcplogs. The… (Show more)
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Juan Lozano
Hello its posible to get a temporal file .lic for test Hitachi Data ingestor on vmware?   regards
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Akhilesh Pandey
We have a single node HDI configured and found that the cifs share configured got its name changed.Can anyone tell where to check that how it got modified and if its automatic then why it happned or if anyone has done manually which files to look for to identify the user who has modified the sharename
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Biplab Sah
Hello Team:   I am trying to deploy 7.3.2 HCP Single Node on VMWare Player on my server. I have the Installation guide. The OVF after getting imported, I am able to change IP's, but to validate that Installation, Guide says to browse the FrontEnd IP, which is not happening, Though I am able to ping the IP. I guess issue is we are changing one… (Show more)
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I run hcpanywhere (Single Node VM in test environment) version and upgrade to After server reboot, status upgrade is complete but see message "filesystem is nearly full" point on filesystem /boot. How to find solution to fix error?
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Hello All,   During a POC ; I'm facing a tenant configuration problem which I could not succeeded to solve.   I have following versions   HCP AW   After I've installed succesfully both VM appliance, during the adding tenants (which I created on HCP) in to Anywhere, if I enable "Use this tenant to store HCP Anywhere system… (Show more)
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Seccad Caglayan
Hii I have POC about Hitachi Anywhere and I want to convert one of my old server (VMDK) to double cluster server is it possible or I need to delete everything and start again and also lost all of the data
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Legacy HDS Forums
Originally posted by: guille I'm new to HDS and trying to setup HNAS 3080 NDMP backup using Symantec BackupExec V.2010 but no luck. Has someone ran HNAS backup succesfully with Symantec BackupExec or with any other NDMP backup program?
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