• Windows license in ovf model!

    Hi, one question abou windows license. If we delivering HIAA as a ovf virtual machine, we need to deliver windows license. What kind of license is it? Who is the owner of this license?   Maciek
    Maciej Kot
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  • Hello, I am just trying to setup an CMD device (out-band), can you please check & advice if the below is ok.

    HORCM_MON #ip_address        service         poll(10ms)     timeout(10ms) "hostip" 11010 1000    ...
    Mohamed Rehazudeen
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  • G200 - Time needed for Quick Format

    Hi All, . I have a G200 , 24 x 1.2TB SATA disk, just freshly clean up. I have created 3 Parity Group, manually select the first 8 disk, Raid 6 (6+2) , and craft out a max 2.99TB ldev for benchmarking   Questi...
    Alvin Lee
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  • Making this group lively

    Hi All,   For the past couple of months, the activity on this community has been slow. I used to see once in a while dozens of questions per day, now I see them per week.   Is there someway we can make thi...
    Bhaskar Ramashankar
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  • Solution & Product Forums List

    Cloud   Content Mobility   Converged / Compute   Data Protection   Hardware   Industry Solutions   Mainframe   Microsoft   Oracle   Pentaho   Performance and...
    Jill Ross
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    What does CBLH and CBLM stand for, I know these are controller types what was wondering about the full form of these.
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  • sequence of lun

    boot seqeunce in esx Is there something  on our storage side to make the 5GB the primary  lun In ESX environment gave new 5 gb lun  also mapped existing luns to that host also ams luns are there but h...
    dhruv kalia
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  • What happen if cache DIMM failed

    Do any one know, what is data follow if a cache memory DIMM failed in USPV? Does it turn on write through mode ?
    Duong Quoc Huy
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  • What is the RPM for disk model DKS5F-J1R2SS?

    I'm using SMI-S API to retrieve the list of disk models. Unfortunately, SMI-S does not seem to provide the RPMs for the disk drives. I created a separate question for that: How to get Parity Group RPM via REST APIs? ...
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  • Tuning Manager API: Multiple AgentForRAID for the same Storage Serial Number

    Hi,   I'm using Tuning Manager API https://support.hds.com/download/epcra/hc2184.pdf to list AgentForRAIDs:  I'm getting the four entri...
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  • How to get Parity Group RPM via REST APIs?

    I'm using the following REST APIs: SMI-S, Tuning Manager and, possibly, Configuration Manager. I need to retrieve Parity Group Drive Speeds:     I'm having the hard time to find how to do it via these RES...
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  • HDS VSP G Series Slow Provisioning

    Hi All,   We have several customer complaining that provisioning from Storage Navigator is taking too much time like when they are creating Virtual Volume or attaching it to the hosts or doing any modification. ...
    Athar Hussain
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  • G1500 @ with compression - HUR question

    G1500 @ with compression - HUR question : we are planning to purchase G1500 with compression enabled, currently we have 500tb on our existing array out of which  we have 400tb being replicated. so with G1500 ( ...
    vijay KALVEMULA
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  • Snapshot restore

    Hello! We have GAD and Thin Image copies created on secondary site from S-VOL. For example, main site got some accident. After this accident elimination we want to restore data from secondary site snapshot to the mai...
    Dimitry Erykin
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  • Ldev Tiering

    Hi Everyone, I would like to know about that is there a raicom command to map ldev to a tiering policy lets say Custom 3?
    Ajay Dhiman
    created by Ajay Dhiman
  • HNAS FC link command usage

    Hi All,   Looking at the CLI man page it is showing that FC link is a cluster wide command. Please let me know how to use this command to disable FC port in one of the node in cluster without affecting other no...
    Tom Alex
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  • Need information about EOL, EOS and n-1 firmware versions.

    Can anyone tell me where i can find n-1 firmware versions details for HCP, HDI, HUS 130, HUS 150 and VSP G400. And also the EOL and EOS details for the same devices.   NOTE : I dont have support details for th...
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  • Export Utility fails: Unable to get ExportTool from the server

    Hi, Very new to Hitachi products,  I have recently installed the Export Utility to capture Performance info for a number of G400 arrays. It was working fine for about a week and has suddenly stopped for one of th...
    gary johnson
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  • VMware VM Archive with HCP

    Hi All, We have a use case for VMware virtual machine archiving. We are looking for a way to achieve this with HCP. So far we have tried with HCP and HDID but other than backing up VMs we couldn't find a implementati...
    Sajith Rupasinghe
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  • F1140 Specific port block in specific ip band - ssh, https

    Hi to all,   I'm using the F1140 NAS, but this time I found that SSH PORT and https (8443) ports are open for security breach.   I have a management ip band and a service ip band, and I want to know if I ...
    jonghee park
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