• How can i create automatically 100 accounts on Pentaho User Console

    Hello Community, I have a question for the creation of users on Pentaho User Console, Actually i want to create 100 account in the Pentaho User Console with an automatic way ( A script or a procedure ). Note that i ...
    slim chaffar
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  • CCI or CLI command for truecopy license amount information

    Is there any chance to get truecopy license amount information via CCI or HCS CLI? I can't find any command for this in the reference guides?
    David Bohne
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  • Hello guys! Is there any latency matrix?

    I mean, what's the acceptable latency for a SQL server, for example.
    Daniel Machado
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  • Some one can help me with VISIO Stencil for VSPG200,HCP G10 and S10

    I am preparing LLDs, could you please help me with VISIO Stencil for G200, HCP G10 and S10.   Regards Vithal
    Vithal kamesh kancherla
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  • Expand a DP pool

    Hi, on a V1000 when is the best time to expand a DP-pool with a newly added PG? With IBM storage its non-disruptive so can be done when needed.   thanks Rob
    rob stephenson
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  • Active - Active Controller architecture in VSP G800 official document required

    Dear Friends,   I am working on one of the RFP and the ask was the documentary proof of active-active controller in VSP G800.   It would be great help , if anyone can share such shareable document.   ...
    Gonuguntla Gopi
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  • How to check warranty of blades?

    Hello,   I have several Compute Blade 520HB3 with chassis. However I can't check the current state of warranty of them. When I try to go to https://support.hds.com/en_us/user/site-registration1.html and enter ...
  • Hitachi Command Suite 8.5 | PoC - download trial

    Where can I download Hitachi Command Suite 8.5? Who could generate trial license?   We need to condcut PoC. Thanks for quickly response!
    Piotr Madej
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  • HNAS Migration

    Hi I am having my HNAS backend storage on G1000. and want  to migrate to older array HUS Array. What migration approaches i can perform?
    Vamsi Gummalla
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  • How to identify if it's Shared, or Embedded SMI-S provider?

    I collect information from HDS storage systems via SMI-S. The SMI-S provider can be   - a Shared provider that is hosted at Hitachi Command Suite;   - an Embedded provider that resides directly at a storag...
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  • PDI Client received SOAP Fault from server

    I recently setup the PDI 8 with BA-Server repository. However, I can't save the transformations or jobs. The error log is attached. Thanks for any help. André.   OS: CentOS 6.9 BA-Server CE 8 (Product...
    Andre Sammarco
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  • remove a Parity group from a Pool?

    Hi, I need to remove a Parity group from a Pool. The Parity group in question contains used LDEVS. I have added a new Parity Group to this pool so there is enough space in the pool to allow me to do this. However, fai...
    rob stephenson
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  • Expand G1K LUNS

    Hi, from my G1K I have some LUNS presented to a SQL host on a wintel server. They are provision type: DP. I would like to expand them. I note I can open device manager and "Expand V-vols".   However, I have hea...
    rob stephenson
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  • how to configure run the penthaho report only touch the database one time.

    Hi, I have a question. about Pentaho designer report, add many sub-report, and many query, database: postgresql, when i run the report, it occurred an error, i have a question, how to configure run the report only ...
    chen yingying
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  • HORCM inst X has failed to start

    We have HORCM 20 running as a service on a Windows 2008 R2 VM. After a recent reboot, the HORCM 20 service is stopping automatically. We have a shadowimage job that relies on it.   It was running fine for month...
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  • UNMAP for Windows volumes?

    Hello Team,   We have a physical server to which we have attacked 1 lun of a 1tb, it has a W2012r operating system. In a review we noticed that the used capacity shown is different from that shown in the storage...
    Jose Plaza
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  • Where can I find a driver for my HDT721010SLA360 ?

    Where can I find a driver for my HDT721010SLA360 ?   Thanks..
    pc happy
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  • HORCM Instance does not start

    Hello All,   I am receiving an error while starting an HORCM instance. Please find below the relevant details.   [root@Test ~]# horcmstart.sh 61 starting HORCM inst 61 HORCM inst 61 has failed to start. ...
    Altaf Basheer
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  • How to download HVM Navigator for HCB2000

    Hi Guys,   Can somebody help me how to download HVM Navigator for HCB2000?   Thanks Joko Andrianto
    Joko Fani Andrianto
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  • MGA/RGA firmware level for Brocade switches

    Hi All,   Can you please help me with the link on HDS portal for MGA/RGA firmware levels for Brocade FC switches? I tired looking for a link or a thread on the forum, however wasn't able to find one. I did find ...
    Yomesh Kothari
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