• Hitachi iConnect App on iOS 11.2.2.

    I hope it's the right place to post my question because I couldn't find any other Hitachi official community. The iConnect app was working just fine when my iPhone 7 was running iOS 10. However that I updated to iOS 1...
    Garry Joshi
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  • salesforce upsert data lose and connection timeout

    Hi, I was in problem that sometimes the  running transformation return salesforce connection timeout By the salesforce upsert component. Sometime  data even lost? Anybody can help me? Thanks! the log like t...
    shayne lynn
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  • Manual for a HDS TagmaStore AMS500

    Hi All, I am looking for a manual for a HDS TagmaStore AMS500. I can't seem to find it anywhere. I know product is EOL but has anybody got a copy? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Enda quinn
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  • What is HCS and HDS?

    What is HCS & HDS. What is relationship between these two
    Ashok b Kumar
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  • How to expand DP Pool by adding volumes in HCS?

    I've read in 'VSP Provisioning Guide' that DP Pool can be resized by adding new DP Pool volumes to it:   "If you increase the pool capacity by adding a pool-VOL, a portion of the existing data in the pool autom...
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  • PDI as datasource for PUC dashboard

    I am new to Pentaho suite. Currently we have installed Pentaho evaluation package. Is PUC dashboard is CDE? How can I pull PDI output as datasource in PUC dashboard?
    Raj Karan
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  • How to check free space on HCP tenant using MAPI

    How i can check free space in a HCP tenant using MAPI (curl). Using curl and  https:// .... 9090/mapi/tenants/<tenantname>?prettyprint i get the configuration e.g. hardquota but i do not get the used and ...
    Peter Wielath
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  • Multibutton

    Hello everyone,   do you have any idea how to make some action on depends to button pressed (using Multibutton)? thanks.
    Mess Med
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  • Imp: Command Device & Hyper-V VM

    Hello Everyone,   Just wanted to share some knowledge. Not sure if you had come across such setup. Please provide your feedback accordingly.   We are building a Microsoft private cloud using Hitachi conver...
    Sandeep Aggarwal
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  • How to configure REST API on HUS VM Machine and how to test its working ?

    How to configure REST API on HUS VM Machine and how to test its working ? Command Suite Version 8.1.0. Any specific document to refer the Step by Step procedure..
    Siranjib Baruah
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  • G200 - Time needed for Quick Format

    Hi All, . I have a G200 , 24 x 1.2TB SATA disk, just freshly clean up. I have created 3 Parity Group, manually select the first 8 disk, Raid 6 (6+2) , and craft out a max 2.99TB ldev for benchmarking   Questi...
    Alvin Lee
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  • Tuning Manager API: Multiple AgentForRAID for the same Storage Serial Number

    Hi,   I'm using Tuning Manager API https://support.hds.com/download/epcra/hc2184.pdf to list AgentForRAIDs:  I'm getting the four entri...
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  • Making this group lively

    Hi All,   For the past couple of months, the activity on this community has been slow. I used to see once in a while dozens of questions per day, now I see them per week.   Is there someway we can make thi...
    Bhaskar Ramashankar
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  • Solution & Product Forums List

    Cloud   Content Mobility   Converged / Compute   Data Protection   Hardware   Industry Solutions   Mainframe   Microsoft   Oracle   Pentaho   Performance and...
    Jill Ross
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  • sequence of lun

    boot seqeunce in esx Is there something  on our storage side to make the 5GB the primary  lun In ESX environment gave new 5 gb lun  also mapped existing luns to that host also ams luns are there but h...
    dhruv kalia
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  • Does HCS SMI-S provider work with VSP G-series?

    Hi,   I'm using Hitachi Command Suite SMI-S provider to collect information from storage systems. When requesting for "HITACHI_StorageSystem", I get the list of storage systems. The list is missing VSP G-series ...
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  • Shadow Image

    We have an issue for shadow image in VSP. We have two VSP located at two different location.Now in one of them SI license  is over and one of them is having a lot of available.Is there any way so that we can redu...
    Akhilesh Pandey
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  • deleting luns

    Originally posted by: Kunjuttan Hi, In my HDS9990USPV pool1 exceeds 1st threshold level in dynamic provisioning.Now I got some LUNs which can be deleted.How to do the same?
    Legacy HDS Forums
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  • please provide URL to download HNAS version 10.2.3074.03 

    please provide URL to download HNAS version 10.2.3074.03
    Ramesh Kondeti
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  • Synchronization Time Failure Message on G400

    i'm trying to figure out a situation that i had with a Hitachi Storage VSP G400 with sync time between my SVP and its controllers, the time to time i received the email message that informed me some problems with the ...
    Gulliber Cairo
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