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slim chaffar
Hello Community, I have a question for the creation of users on Pentaho User Console, Actually i want to create 100 account in the Pentaho User Console with an automatic way ( A script or a procedure ). Note that i have the names of those users stored in a database and i need to do it to display the reports and dashboards in the PUC according… (Show more)
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David Bohne
Is there any chance to get truecopy license amount information via CCI or HCS CLI? I can't find any command for this in the reference guides?
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Daniel Machado
I mean, what's the acceptable latency for a SQL server, for example.
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Vithal kamesh kancherla
I am preparing LLDs, could you please help me with VISIO Stencil for G200, HCP G10 and S10.   Regards Vithal
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Gonuguntla Gopi
Dear Friends,   I am working on one of the RFP and the ask was the documentary proof of active-active controller in VSP G800.   It would be great help , if anyone can share such shareable document.     Regards, Gopi G
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Irakli Natsvlishvili
Hello,   I have several Compute Blade 520HB3 with chassis. However I can't check the current state of warranty of them. When I try to go to and enter S/N for the blade and select 500 series blade I getting 'invalid serial number'. Here is one such number - 323GG-RV3XGC0B3X1-Y00002761  … (Show more)
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Piotr Madej
Where can I download Hitachi Command Suite 8.5? Who could generate trial license?   We need to condcut PoC. Thanks for quickly response!
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Vamsi Gummalla
Hi I am having my HNAS backend storage on G1000. and want  to migrate to older array HUS Array. What migration approaches i can perform?
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I collect information from HDS storage systems via SMI-S. The SMI-S provider can be   - a Shared provider that is hosted at Hitachi Command Suite;   - an Embedded provider that resides directly at a storage array.   1) What SMI-S request should I execute to identify if it's a Shared, or Embedded provider?   2) I've looked at the name field… (Show more)
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rob stephenson
Hi, on a V1000 when is the best time to expand a DP-pool with a newly added PG? With IBM storage its non-disruptive so can be done when needed.   thanks Rob
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