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Mario Lopez Sanchez
Hi!   I installed a HDLM on Linux servers and on the other hand I have a server with HGLAM. I am registering the IPs of Linux servers on HGLAM. When I put the IP of server, HGLAM put automatically the port 24041. The server where have HDLM installed have 2 services: 1.-.dlmmgr_exe ---->HDLM manager process 2.- hbsa_service ---->Hitachi… (Show more)
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Mess Med
Hello everyone,   do you have any idea how to make some action on depends to button pressed (using Multibutton)? thanks.
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Sandeep Aggarwal
Hello Everyone,   Just wanted to share some knowledge. Not sure if you had come across such setup. Please provide your feedback accordingly.   We are building a Microsoft private cloud using Hitachi converged platform solution. We need to build management server VMs on Hyper-V Cluster for Hitachi Command Suite applications.   As a result, we… (Show more)
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Juan Carrero
Hi all, This question is about how could I configure the HGLM console (It has been configured on server A) into HDvM (It has been configured on server B). Each one are running currently without troubles; but I want to access the HGLM from HDvM console. --> Where could I find this information, I mean, what document can I follow to do this? Thank… (Show more)
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Ace Elsheikh
Hi Team, We use a AMS2100 in our organisation. We installed Hitachi Storage Navigator Modular to on a Windows Machine and I successfully configured to send email notifications. Just not able to find what type of alerts to send email notifications for.   Like can I configure email notifications for login/logout events. Informational Events,… (Show more)
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Mohamed Rehazudeen
HORCM_MON #ip_address        service         poll(10ms)     timeout(10ms) "hostip" 11010 1000              3000   HORCM_CMD #dev_name               \\.\IPCMD-"StorageSVP-IP"-31001   HORCM_LDEV #dev_group        dev_name        Serial#   CU:LDEV(LDEV#)   MU# #VG01              oradb3            60095   01:04              0   HORCM_INST… (Show more)
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Thomas Berry
We are doing a HDS to EMC migration using EMC's Open Replicator. Does anyone have experience with this process from the HDS perspective? Are their any inherent challenges such a the NAA or UID issue? -- The OR process must have the WWN of the actual device being migrated.
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Hi,   I'm using Tuning Manager API to list AgentForRAIDs:  I'm getting the four entries for the same storage serial number:   AgentForRaid [instanceName=DS1SDC_G800441107, hostName=xxx, ipAddr=, dataModelVersion=9.8,… (Show more)
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