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Maciej Kot
Hi, one question abou windows license. If we delivering HIAA as a ovf virtual machine, we need to deliver windows license. What kind of license is it? Who is the owner of this license?   Maciek
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Mohamed Rehazudeen
HORCM_MON #ip_address        service         poll(10ms)     timeout(10ms) "hostip" 11010 1000              3000   HORCM_CMD #dev_name               \\.\IPCMD-"StorageSVP-IP"-31001   HORCM_LDEV #dev_group        dev_name        Serial#   CU:LDEV(LDEV#)   MU# #VG01              oradb3            60095   01:04              0   HORCM_INST… (Show more)
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Alvin Lee
Hi All, . I have a G200 , 24 x 1.2TB SATA disk, just freshly clean up. I have created 3 Parity Group, manually select the first 8 disk, Raid 6 (6+2) , and craft out a max 2.99TB ldev for benchmarking   Question : I noticed the first 2 ldev that I have created, the format time is about 60 min per TB. However the further 2 ldev that I have… (Show more)
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Bhaskar Ramashankar
Hi All,   For the past couple of months, the activity on this community has been slow. I used to see once in a while dozens of questions per day, now I see them per week.   Is there someway we can make this more lively? I feel the interface is a bit too complicated, to make things easy, things have become difficult to find.   I am not sure… (Show more)
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Jill Ross
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What does CBLH and CBLM stand for, I know these are controller types what was wondering about the full form of these.
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Duong Quoc Huy
Do any one know, what is data follow if a cache memory DIMM failed in USPV? Does it turn on write through mode ?
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I'm using SMI-S API to retrieve the list of disk models. Unfortunately, SMI-S does not seem to provide the RPMs for the disk drives. I created a separate question for that: How to get Parity Group RPM via REST APIs?   For now, I would like to know the RPM for this specific disk model. Where can I find this information?   Is there a common place… (Show more)
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