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Tran Long
Hi Team, I need monitor workload per LUN on Storage 9990v, have any tool.   Regards, Long Tran
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Sanghoon Lee
Hello. I'm hoony in south korea. I have a Question about "file server system"   I wonder which one of HDI and HNAS is better for file server use.   I know that both HDI and HNAS are available for file servers.   Generally, NAS system is considered for file server. But I think "HCP + HDI System" seems to be able to use features that were not… (Show more)
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Mike Canavan
The Sales Manager  Congratulations! You just landed a new job as a sales person for an exciting new industry and high growth opportunity. To assure your initial success, your new company immerses you into the new hire training curriculum.  This involves sales boot camp, online training courses, deep dives on products, extensive role playing,… (Show more)
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Kalamidas Yiannis
hi community   Is Compatibility with IBM Spectrum Control (TPC) v.5.2.13 and up supported on VSP Gx00 ?
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Ralf Siekierski
Hi colleagues,   I'm looking for a comparison of the HCP Platform with some vendors offerings like EMC, NetApp, and so on. In older Days, there where Excel Sheets available on the HDS Docu Library, with such Info's, but nowadays, I can't find them anymore.   Any idea, where I can finds them.   best regards Ralf Siekierski
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Michael Ratner
I need to develop an application to manage Hitachi VSP and HUS in ServiceNow. From, where I can get the HDS Simulator for both the arrays and the web-based REST API for managing DP Pools, Parity Groups, Volumes, External Storage, Components, Ports/Hosts Group, Cache Partition, Encryption, License, Allocate Volumes, Create Pool, Create Volumes,… (Show more)
Jill Ross
Hi All,   Good day,   i have a case, in my customer have VSP G400, use replication SI, and Pvol come from HDT and Svol from HDP. cycle time in HDT set 8 hours. My question and concerns is when we initial copy for 1.2 TB used 900GB we need around 45 Hours (copy pace set faster, host IO low). and we try to split and resync with differential 3%… (Show more)