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Data-driven Design - the future of Big Data and IoT?

Blog Post created by Sara Gardner Employee on May 15, 2015

Phil Townsend one of my colleagues just forwarded this article about Netflix and Data Driven movie/TV show design.

Big Data Goes to the Movies - Experfy Insights

Phil's passion is the car market and he is working with Hitachi Automotive and Clarion our Telematics businesses to map out our Social Innovation strategy there.  His point, if Netflix can do data-driven show design, that is select plot, actors, characters etc to best match audience desires then why can't we do that in other markets?  In other words, from data-driven adoption analysis to data-driven design


Which segues nicely to a great call I had with Matt Aslett and Brian Partridge from 451 group this morning.  We talked about how the initial biggest gains for companies from IoT are likely to be in the areas of cost savings and increased efficiencies/margin increase but... the really exciting and transformative opportunities come when IoT enables brand new business models involving likely linkages across markets and companies.    In other words from data-driven cost savings to data-driven revenue generation.


I plan to spend some time looking at these hypotheses from a Hitachi perspective over the coming months but would love to here from others examples of where they see Data-driven adoption analysis leading to Data-driven design and ditto with Data-driven cost savings leading to Data-driven revenue generation.




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