• HCP and netbackup 8

    Hi,   I'm trying to configure NB 8.0 with HCP 7.3.3 and constantly getting following error in NB tpcommand log cURL error: 51 (SSL peer certificate or SSH remote key was not OK). Any ideas?? thanx
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  • HCP Data Migrator Command Line

    Hi All,   Using HCP Data Migrator command line, is it possible to retrieve list of files, list of directories only, and create folders on share, overwrite existing files when copying?   I've looked over th...
    Joe Binge
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  • HCP MAPI: looking for name of node for system-user access

    Hi,   There is a checkbox on the Tenant overview tab that reads "Allow system-level users to manage this tenant and search its namespaces" - does anyone know which node in the Tenant XML that corresponds to? &#...
    Vincent Leycuras
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  • Running Docker Registry on HS3

    We are trying to setup Docker Registry(https://docs.docker.com/registry/) on HCP using HS3 access method using Docker’s S3 driver (https://docs.docker.com/registry/storage-drivers/s3/).   But we hit an htt...
    Jonathan White
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  • XML namespace support in Content Classes?

    Hi,   We have designed out annotation schema as an XML that includes namespace definitions, ie:   <ns2:mdh xmlns="http://www.example.org/contextual/mdh-trading.confirmations-schema" xmlns:ns2="http://www...
    Vincent Leycuras
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  • How to get Object Listing in chunk (with limited objects)?

    Hi, I am newbie for this platform and I am working on HCP object listing feature. I have a lots of data on HCP store and I want to list all that one by one with the pagination size limit so that my program's overloa...
    Tej Kiran Sharma
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  • HCP Rest API for large number of files

    I have been using HCP Rest API in a .Net app. The HCP traffic from this app is low(100 hits a day). I'm considering using HCP for another .Net app which has high traffic(about a million hits a day). Is there any utili...
    Praveen b KP
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  • connect Java application to HCP via HCP Rest API

    I need to connect Java application to HCP via HCP Rest API. I found many documentation but didn’t get which API we use for to connect via HCP rest.
    sandeep sharma
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  • Using HCP with Hadoop (whitepaper)

    This documents describes how to setup Apache Hadoop to use Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) as source and/or target for its operations. It is left to the reader to decide if it makes sense to run Hadoop against S3-compa...
    Jeff Lundberg
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  • How to FTP data from Object Source to Mainframe

    Hi Team,   We are working for Dataware house team.  One of or source system in our Bank are using Object Store (HCP) and are storing the data in the Object store.   Could some please let me know how c...
    narayana reddy
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  • HCP Security and Protection (whitepaper)

    An Overview of Server Security and Protection.   This paper focuses on the various security features built into HCP Cloud Storage software to protect data access and secure communications. These features are des...
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  • HCP - Does having multiple namespaces improve performance? 

    Does having multiple namespaces improve performance? 
    Mathieu Doumerc
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  • Where can I find the HCP product documentation?

    HCP v7.2 and newer software offers a choice of PDF or HTML-based product documentation.   HCP manuals corresponding to a specific software release can always be accessed online and downloaded from the HCP manage...
    Michael Ratner
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  • What browsers are qualified with HCP?

    A client browser is required to access HCP Management Console (port 8000), Namespace Browser, and Search Console. The specific set of tested browsers changes with every release.  Please check HCP product release ...
    Amy Townsend
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  • Tools and Open Source (used by Document Viewer on Developer Assets tab)

    Tools and Open Source   HCP SDK for Python 3 HCP Metadata Query Tool Using HCP MQE Tool v1.0 HCP Access Log Collector HCP Request Analytics HS3 Shell - Interact with S3 storage HCP Chargeback Report Colle...
    Michael Ratner
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  • HCP Request Analytics

    hcprequestanalytics reads HTTP access logs from log packages created by Hitachi Content Platform (HCP), loads the content into a SQL database and runs SQL-queries against it to provide information about topics like: ...
    Thorsten Simons
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  • Using COSBench to test HCP HS3 (How-To Guide)

    This how-to guide describes the main steps to obtain, install, configure and run the COSBench performance benchmark tool. It explains basic concepts, provides some recommendations, and gives specific examples of typic...
    Michael Ratner
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  • 1-2-3 Go!

    You have read the introduction and familiarized yourself with some of the important Hitachi Content Platform concepts. Do you want to take HCP for a spin now?  Here is how you do this:   1.  Download ...
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  • Introduction to Hitachi Content Platform

    Hitachi Content Platform (HCP) is a distributed object storage system designed to support large, growing repositories of fixed-content data.   An HCP system consists of both hardware (physical or virtual) and so...
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  • What is HCP? (HCP Portfolio Overview)

    This PPT needs to be downloaded and reviewed in presentation mode (F5).
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