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Karun Koppakula
Hi I am trying to use HAD REST API to invoke allocate like volumes service. I have three storage arrays and I have created 6 allocate like volume services  (based different infrastructure groups and resource groups) . Instead of creating these many services  can I have on default service and pass the service group name through HAD  REST API and… (Show more)
Alexander Kilimnik
I'm attempting to use the Web Service connection plugin to connect via SSL to a REST providor that is using a self-signed certificates. I'm getting a handshake failure with the plugin. Is this due to the certificate chain being untrusted? How do I workaround this error?
Uri Tobol
Is it possible to customize the schedule task windows in HAD tasks? Customer want users will only be able to choise night time windows meaning 16:00 to 00:00 and to choise only working days, it is somthing that can be customized?   thanks,
Wayne Egli
I know you can deploy HAD in a cluster however I was curious if there are any other options for reducing or eliminating downtime for HAD? One scenario I would like to investigate is installing HAD on systems in different sites and then use load balancer to route requests. Prefer an active/passive configuration so when one is down or fails health… (Show more)
Kota Saito
OverviewThese contents are for storage operations with Configuration Manager (CM) REST API. The REST API is for managing Hitachi storage arrays. From HAD V8.5.0-00, user can easily consume CM REST API from HAD service by using "JavaScript Plug-in for Configuration Manager REST API". These contents are implemented with it. Cateogry Title…
Wayne Egli
I'm working to build a service to allocate storage and starting with the provided templates like "Allocate Flash Volumes for Generic Application" but when I provision storage to an existing host it picks different lun paths than what it is already zoned and has current storage mapped to.   Why is this happening and how do I change it?
Johnny Koen
Hi All,   Has anyone been able to lock HDS arrays via the CM Rest API. I translated the following direct from the CM Rest manual but its not working. Not able to find service   var lockRet =, null, null, "Completed");   Please any… (Show more)
Johnny Koen
Hi All,   Im trying to create a dynamic list for the user to select from for input variables. If I follow the JS code provided a get the following error. I only get this error when I run the service and not when I test the code in Service builder.     If I hard code the Configuration Manager Rest Server details it works, but it seems like… (Show more)
Wayne Egli
I see within some of the templates that come with HAD they have a rather unique/custom look. Particularly the "Add generic volumes" service templates. I would like to create my own, but the one that is there ( I downloaded is way to complex to understand. Referring to the OS, LDEV Setting expansions, etc seen below.     Is… (Show more)
Johnny Koen
Hi All,   Im using the Javascript CM Rest plugin to add storage to a resource group or VSM. This is taking a very long time. To be precise it takes 1 minute and 32 seconds to add the ldev to the resource group. All other actions are quick, creating the ldev, removing virtual ldev IDs and assign the LDEV to the host group.   If I use raidcom its… (Show more)
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