• Product Overview Videos

    Can we create short (3-5 min) technical product overview videos for products used at the hackathons? This would be especially helpful for non-Hitachi Vantara employees who need a quick description of the products and ...
    Jay Erikson
    created by Jay Erikson
  • What are the best learning resources for Industrial IoT app developers?

    Hi all, I am looking to identify new learning resources for industrial IoT app development specifically. What languages are being used? Which platforms are being developed? What are some of the latest innovations sur...
    Jill Ross
    created by Jill Ross
  • Python scripting using raidcom

    Any python programmers on the list? I've used perl for many years but recently got introduced to python and I'm beginning to really like it. So, I've been working on a python Class module to abstract a lot of the deta...
    Victor Engle
    last modified by Victor Engle
  • Configuration Mananger REST API Queries fail

    Hi. I'm starting to work with Configuration Manager's REST API and after a quite nice start, I'm stuck on the queries. Everything seems to be OK but the queries always return the same error: The specified storage sy...
    Joao Serra
    last modified by Joao Serra
  • Pentaho Kettle Naming Reason

    why the pentaho kettle is being called as "Pentaho Data Integration" tool? can we able to use multiple data sources in a single transformation?
    Saanvi Sharma
    last modified by Saanvi Sharma
  • Why is the Powershell HNAS Snapin Module throwing an error for Recovering Filesystems?

    Hi all,   First time poster here and looking/working with automating the promotion of specific HNAS Filesystems contained within EVS's from Object Replications.   I downloaded the Hitachi HNAS Powershell S...
    Sean Doyle
    last modified by Sean Doyle
  • Customize login page IBM BPM portal

    I am trying to change the look and feel of the IBM BPM portal's login page. I read about it in this link. I have installed the windows hotfix suggested in the link and i have also checked 'Default to basic authenticat...
  • Encountering Issues with hci_setup

    Team,   We recently switched our Docker configuration to use the DeviceMapper. During the reinstall of HCI we are encountering an error with the hci_setup script. When run, the script will recognize Docker, and ...
    Michael Schumacher
    last modified by Michael Schumacher
  • HCP Anywhere temporary offline

    Hey Guys   We have 2 nodes clusters HCP AW for PoC and some times (Frequently) one node go down. Not the specific one going offline. Finally, this morning 2 of them showing offline. we take always NTP alerts....
    Seccad Caglayan
    created by Seccad Caglayan
  • SMI-S Connectivity

    Hi All,   I wonder if you can help me.  I am working with CA with implement Unified Infrastructure Management via SMI-S.  We are hoping to use the embedded SMI-S on the SVP on port 5989.   Below ...
    Lee Gilchrist
    created by Lee Gilchrist
  • USPVM to HUSVM Migration

    Dear Team,   we are planning to migrate production servers ( AIX and Linux ) from USPVM to HUSVM. HDLM versions are 6.x and 7.x. Aix version is 5.3 and Linux is 5.5.how much downtime involves here of each host ...
    Binyamin Abdul Latif
    last modified by Binyamin Abdul Latif
  • "Add-SubSystem" Storage Powershell Command throws error with code : E240A009

    Hi Experts,        We are trying to explore Hitachi Storage CmdLets against our Hitachi Storage System HUS 130. But we got error while executing the ADD-SUBSYSTEM command with required parame...
    NarayanaBabu K
    last modified by NarayanaBabu K
  • HUS CCI snapshot Backup Time

    Hi @ll,   after reading for a time CCI docs can´t get any answer for this question, how to obtain snapshot vol backup time. It's easy to know backup time from HSNM2, but for scripting needs anyone hnows if...
    Guillermo Diez
    last modified by Guillermo Diez
  • Script for allocation on USPv Device Manager CLI

    We have a server with 60 paths. For every allocation it takes abt 1hr. Has anybody developed al script for allocation with HDVM CLI ???
    saintly guy
    last modified by saintly guy
  • raidcom - multiple sessions

    I've become a big fan of raidcom. I find though that I often wish to run at least 2 things at a time. It appears that I need to have multiple accounts to do this. Example: I start a script that identifies all unused c...
    Bruce Kirkland
    last modified by Bruce Kirkland
  • raidcom software download

    I've been looking over the PX site for the last hour but cant find the raidcom software. Is it the same as raid manager.   Would someone point me to the correct download location on PX site.
    Chuck Strickland
    last modified by Chuck Strickland
  • Top utility for HDP Pools

    ./dptop.sh  <START_LDEV> <CUTOFF_PERCENT> <NO_OF_LDEVS>   Example   ./dptop.sh 0x0000 10 256 will scan 256 LDEVs starting from 00:00 and report if the LDEV has a used capacity greate...
    Vinod Subramaniam
    last modified by Vinod Subramaniam
  • Function to obtain wwn from port/serial/model

    This little shell function calculates the WWN given the model, serial number and port name. Usefull for analysis of switch zones or build zoning definitions. You can add other models. Samples at end of file.
    Pablo Bucich
    last modified by Pablo Bucich
  • Sample raidcom VSP config generator

    Hello        This is a SAMPLE script to show raidcom VSP configuration.      Consist in a spreadsheet and sh+awk script (runs on Linux, all Unix must be ok, Solaris: repl...
    Pablo Bucich
    last modified by Pablo Bucich
  • Software require for REST api server

    Hi, I want to setup the REST api managing server Hitachi Storage system (Hitachi storage array). Can you kindly let me know the software where can i download ? I don't have DVD right now. Regards, Debakanta
    Roguen Keller
    created by Roguen Keller