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Michael Schumacher
Team,   We recently switched our Docker configuration to use the DeviceMapper. During the reinstall of HCI we are encountering an error with the hci_setup script. When run, the script will recognize Docker, and begin to load the Docker Images. Unfortunately, it is during this process that we encounter the error. The script loads the HCI image and… (Show more)
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Seccad Caglayan
Hey Guys   We have 2 nodes clusters HCP AW for PoC and some times (Frequently) one node go down. Not the specific one going offline. Finally, this morning 2 of them showing offline. we take always NTP alerts.  İs there any relationship between NTP syncs and node downs. By the way, I can ping them.
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Joao Serra
Hi. I'm starting to work with Configuration Manager's REST API and after a quite nice start, I'm stuck on the queries. Everything seems to be OK but the queries always return the same error: The specified storage system is invalid. (real serial numbers have been changed in the post bellow)   # Failed Query  curl -k -v -H… (Show more)
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Lee Gilchrist
Hi All,   I wonder if you can help me.  I am working with CA with implement Unified Infrastructure Management via SMI-S.  We are hoping to use the embedded SMI-S on the SVP on port 5989.   Below are the details of the config.   user: smis passwd : smisuser port: 5989 (default) Interport Namespace “/interop” Array Namespace =… (Show more)
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Binyamin Abdul Latif
Dear Team,   we are planning to migrate production servers ( AIX and Linux ) from USPVM to HUSVM. HDLM versions are 6.x and 7.x. Aix version is 5.3 and Linux is much downtime involves here of each host ? can it be done online ? is it suggestible to migrate ASM/Bootdisks also ? we have license for Hitachi Tiered Storage migration and… (Show more)
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Victor Engle
Any python programmers on the list? I've used perl for many years but recently got introduced to python and I'm beginning to really like it. So, I've been working on a python Class module to abstract a lot of the detail and heavy lifting involved in getting data from a subsystem and into data structures easily usable by programs. Once complete,… (Show more)
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NarayanaBabu K
Hi Experts,        We are trying to explore Hitachi Storage CmdLets against our Hitachi Storage System HUS 130. But we got error while executing the ADD-SUBSYSTEM command with required parameters.The UserID "User"   has all permissions (Admin, Modify, Execute, Read). Please find the code and error below,   Add-Subsystem -Controller0… (Show more)
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Guillermo Diez
Hi @ll,   after reading for a time CCI docs can´t get any answer for this question, how to obtain snapshot vol backup time. It's easy to know backup time from HSNM2, but for scripting needs anyone hnows if there is any CCI command that can show all local replication pair properties or at least backup time property?   I´m trying to keep last 5… (Show more)
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Legacy HDS Forums
Originally posted by: stephen2615 Greetings, I am curious as to what could cause high response times on the USP Front End Ports?   We have a Microsoft SQL data warehouse (SSIS based ETL solution) where the FEP response times are much higher than I would expect considering everything.  The IOPS are relatively low considering the largish amount… (Show more)
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