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Soujanya Naganuri
I have numerous database programs that use sequences, I´m migrating these applications to Oracle RAC from 10g with out RAC to 11g with RAC. I need ordered sequences and gaps are tolerated. I am thinking in cache sequences with order, I don´t know what are the impact in performance. Do you watched this is a good alternative? What are your enjoy… (Show more)
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Steve Quinn
The SMI-S User Manuals for all supported Hitachi storage arrays are now available on the Developer Network. Two kinds of SMI-S providers are available - the legacy one from the Hitachi Command Suite which supports AMS, HUS, USP, USP V, and VSP, and the embedded one, that runs on the array service processor (SVP), and supports VSP, HUS VM, VSP… (Show more)
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Michael Ratner
I need to develop an application to manage Hitachi VSP and HUS in ServiceNow. From, where I can get the HDS Simulator for both the arrays and the web-based REST API for managing DP Pools, Parity Groups, Volumes, External Storage, Components, Ports/Hosts Group, Cache Partition, Encryption, License, Allocate Volumes, Create Pool, Create Volumes,… (Show more)
From where I can find the web based REST API for operations like volume provisioning, host management, Pool Management, CHAP, iSCSI and other operations and which Product of Hitachi Data Systems manages all these operations in GUI. Is there any product available in Hitachi Data Systems which does monitoring over data and the storage arrays, Does… (Show more)
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Hedde van der Hoeven
Hello there,   We are running a workflow on 2.5 million plus email objects stored in HCP, so far 2.1 million in we encountered 783 document failures with the message below, is this something you have observed before?   com.hds.ensemble.sdk.exception.PluginOperationFailedException: Failed to parse an email message at… (Show more)
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John Goodman
Question: Do we (Hitachi) have any python SDK and sample clients for our products?   Backstory: I've been trying to brush up on my coding skills, specifically around python. In doing so, I discovered that Dropbox has a *really* nice and dead simple api/sdk. So... being that Hitachi has HCP-Anywhere, I began to look into that and from what I can… (Show more)
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Terence Ong
Hi,   Recently, open source like InfluxDB + Grafana has been deployed by many administrators to monitor their storage boxes with the likes of EMC and NetApp. I wanted to build one with my G800. Anyone has tried building such monitoring with HDS VSP? Any help is greatly appreciated
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