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Joao Serra
Hi. I'm starting to work with Configuration Manager's REST API and after a quite nice start, I'm stuck on the queries. Everything seems to be OK but the queries always return the same error: The specified storage system is invalid. (real serial numbers have been changed in the post bellow)   # Failed Query  curl -k -v -H… (Show more)
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Saanvi Sharma
why the pentaho kettle is being called as "Pentaho Data Integration" tool? can we able to use multiple data sources in a single transformation?
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Sean Doyle
Hi all,   First time poster here and looking/working with automating the promotion of specific HNAS Filesystems contained within EVS's from Object Replications.   I downloaded the Hitachi HNAS Powershell Snap in and have it loaded.  All Cmdlets are working as expected, except the Recover-Filesystem Cmdlet.  Through various logic mechanisms and… (Show more)
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Sandeep Kommineni
I am trying to change the look and feel of the IBM BPM portal's login page. I read about it in this link. I have installed the windows hotfix suggested in the link and i have also checked 'Default to basic authentication when certificate authentication for the HTTPS client fails' in Websphere application server but still i am facing an error when… (Show more)
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Michael Schumacher
Team,   We recently switched our Docker configuration to use the DeviceMapper. During the reinstall of HCI we are encountering an error with the hci_setup script. When run, the script will recognize Docker, and begin to load the Docker Images. Unfortunately, it is during this process that we encounter the error. The script loads the HCI image and… (Show more)
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Seccad Caglayan
Hey Guys   We have 2 nodes clusters HCP AW for PoC and some times (Frequently) one node go down. Not the specific one going offline. Finally, this morning 2 of them showing offline. we take always NTP alerts.  İs there any relationship between NTP syncs and node downs. By the way, I can ping them.
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