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Announcement 1 System Maintenance Scheduled for Saturday, November 18th
Announcement:System Maintenance Scheduled for Saturday, November 18th

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Justin van Wart
This internal guide is to assist in Quoting Commvault/HDPS in CPQ.

Dario de Jong
Can anyone explain to me what the error message below says? I'm running a transformation which outputs to three google sheets. One of those runs well once, but every second time it gives the following error:   ERROR (version, build 1 from 2015-06-14_12-34-55 by buildguy) : Unexpected error ERROR (version, build 1
Hu Yoshida
2017 was a watershed year for digital transformation. It wasn’t a year of major technology breakthroughs, but it was a year in which many of us began to change the way we use technology. Cloud adoption increased and more applications were being developed for it. Increasingly, corporate executives were more committed to and investing in
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Dan Keeley
So, after the amazing time we all had at PCM17 where should PCM18 be?   There seems to be 3 candidates..  Madrid, Barcelona and CERN - but not sure if we have people lined up to geninely organise at these places?   So; Can we have volunteers and maybe sort out a vote?   I'm happy to help whoever wins (if they want it) as I'm