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Chetan Gabhane
Traditional agent-based backup and recovery solutions can dramatically impact the security, performance and total cost of ownership of virtualized environments. As organizations expand their use of virtualization, hyper-converged infrastructure like VMware vSAN, they need to closely examine whether their data protection strategy supports

Tom Alex
Hi All,   Looking at the CLI man page it is showing that FC link is a cluster wide command. Please let me know how to use this command to disable FC port in one of the node in cluster without affecting other nodes in the cluster.   Thanks Tom
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Larry Fee
I have been working on configuring LDAP integration into storage navigator.. I have followed the process in System Administration Guide For VSP G series - User Administration. I have configured and registered a configuration file, and I cannot log in with my external user account that has been created. Has anyone found any gotchas with this? Right
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Venkateshwari Murari
Business Problem StatementSQL Databases form the backbone of many critical applications. Traditionally their data is protected using VSS and Microsoft DPM or Symantec Netbackup which stream data and logs to a backup target, such as tape. With the growth in data, this model is becoming strained. The amount of time needed to complete backups and