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Dan Keeley
OK, so this is a crazy question in many ways but when working for NHS and banks you come to realise that sometimes these old browsers just have to be supported.   I remember ctools did a lot of work to support old IE versions (i.e. CGG!) specifically for these use cases.   However; Someone seems to have forgotten that when implemtning

Sebastian Schenk
Hello. This topic relates to Schema-Definition: I have plenty dimensions which used to have a field status. Status means either enable, true, active, not finshed or the opposite and is declared as 0 or 1. Due to the multilanguage system I cannot write the text within the definition but instead into the property-files. So how can I map the
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michael favero
In addition to Size, I would really like to include Dates for ingestion and retention exipiration as well as Retention Class   When exporting the results, and a filter is turned on, the export should contain only the FILTERED results rather than the unfiltered results.  If I want the unfiltered results I can remove the filter and export