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Mike Canavan
The fast paced world of Information Technology employs skilled athletes that perform at an extremely high level.  I call them athletes, because that’s essentially what they are. IT Athletes have years of experience and training, possess deep knowledge, face crisis head on and are transforming themselves as the world around them
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Greg Crosswhite
  Hello all,   Is it possible to configure HCS to send a certain level of alert to a single email address?  I would like to use HCS to email severe/acute messages only, to a single email address.  I have read throught the HCS admin guide on the SMTP setup funtions as well as followed the admin guides reference to the user
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Jakub Erne
Hello Guys,   I am doing next step in Hitachi Adventure Cup and gone through HDLM for VMware. This step is probably the simplest one I have made with HDS .   There is two ways to install HDLM agents on ESXi's. You can go through a pain and do it exactly like in "Hitachi Dynamic Link Manager software user guide for VMware" or choose a