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Jigisha Pathak
          Use Hitachi Solution for Databases - Oracle XaaS Cloud Foundation to provide reliability, high availability, scalability, and performance while processing small to large Oracle workloads. This reference architecture is a validated cloud solution for Oracle Database 12c running on Oracle VM

Hello guys,   I need to change the color of the font on CGG Dial component (Pentaho CDE 7.1). I'm trying with the following code in Post-Execution with no success:   function f() { $("g g text:nth-child(odd)").css("font-size","20"); $("g g text:nth-child(odd)").css("font-family","Tahoma"); $("g g
Driving Compliance and Efficiency, Eliminating Silos, Managing Unstructured Data, Improving Back-up and Data Protection.    See how our customers, across industries are benefiting from Hitachi Content and Cloud solutions.     Accident Exchange Drives Data Compliance with Hitachi Content Platform “If you want to be
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redan jing
In Pentaho Rest API, I've tried using SSL config with my pfx file or jks file, but it was not useful and return 403. 1)OpenSSL is installed 2)I'm sure that the API can work because is can response with another way( C# and post man can work) but not kettle spoon.   So what’s wrong with it? PS: data integration version 7.1 or
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Diogo Belem
Pentaho Enterprise Edition Start getting value out of your data with a 30 day trial of Pentaho Data Integration and Business Analytics. The comprehensive platform allows you to access, prepare, blend and analyze any data. Check out the differences between EE and CE.   Download     Pentaho Community Edition 8.0  Business
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Hu Yoshida
One of the breakout presentations at Hitachi’s Next 2017 event in Las Vegas last month was on Fog Computing.   Sudhanshu Gaur, Director, Digital Solution Platform Lab Hitachi America started  the presentation by describing how an octopus has a distributed brain. Apparently an Octopus has separate brains in each tentacle besides